Proof of Learning (PoL) Launches Avalanche Education Curriculum on Most Popular Learning Platform…

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Proof of Learning (PoL) Launches Avalanche Education Curriculum on Most Popular Learning Platform for Japanese Blockchain Users & Developers

Backed by a grant, the Techtec team will expand Avalanche’s footprint in Japan.

Techtec, a blockchain company based in Japan, has been awarded an Avalanche-X grant to develop a curriculum for users and developers to learn about its high-performance, decentralized network through Proof of Learning (PoL), Japan’s most popular blockchain education platform.

PoL boasts an impressive list of curriculums covering leading blockchain projects including MakerDAO, Kyber Network, Aave, Brave, and more. When it comes to education for Japanese crypto users, PoL makes learning opportunities borderless.

Learn About Avalanche in Japanese

PoL provides an Avalanche-focused curriculum with granular coverage of the blockchain scalability problem, the history of consensus in decentralized systems, and how Avalanche works.

For Japanese users, PoL is the best place to learn about crypto and blockchain, from beginners to advanced users. The course consists of “Crypto Basic,” “Blockchain Basic,” and “Blockchain Advanced.” PoL has run for 3 years, helping over 10,000 users explore innovative projects, with an 80%+ retention rate.

Japan has its own unique culture and language. As an island nation, it is difficult to obtain information from overseas and therefore, makes it difficult for non-native projects to gain recognition in Japan.

“We are pleased to announce our third grant received after Aave and Ethereum. Avalanche is a leading project in the global blockchain space, and we’re honored to be able to work with them to advance the industry. We’re excited to continue to deepen our relationship with the world’s leading blockchain projects in the Japanese market.” — Tomohiro Tagami, CEO of Techtec

“Education is most important for the long-term success of blockchain technology. Ava Labs identified Techtec as a key partner to provide the best educational content for Avalanche in the Japanese market. In addition to the Avalanche-X grant, we’re excited to continue to work closely with the Techtec team to bring Avalanche and blockchain-enabled solutions broadly to Japan.” — Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, VP of Marketing at Ava Labs

For Japanese speakers, PoL is available today. Try out the platform yourself, and learn why Avalanche is revolutionizing the blockchain space.

About Techtec

Techtec team is operating the most popular blockchain online learning service in Japan called PoL. Techtec also provides PR and translation support for projects around the world to expand into the Japanese industry.


About Avalanche

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