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Smart, simple, and stable.

5table automatically provides the best risk-adjusted yield to make sure you don’t get rekt! Easily access innovative crypto markets and simply set it, forget it, and earn!

5table is an advanced multichain, decentralized protocol that will allow you to find the best investment opportunities for your stable coins (DAI, USDT, USDC, TUSD, and MIM) in order to protect your invested capital. 5table provides the best profitability that the market can offer, while also providing a safe and sustainable platform.

5table will have a limited supply and no more tokens will be minted after launch, so the presale is a limited opportunity to get in early. Partnerships have already been formed with notable projects from the Avalanche network including Pangolin, DeFi Launch, Canary, and Hakuswap.

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Presale Information

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The Presale will begin on March 13th at 6 PM UTC

  1. Name: 5TABLE
  2. Symbol: $5TABLE
  3. Launch price: 0.28 USDC.e
  4. Website: 5table
  5. Audit: Audit Report
  6. Token Address: 0xEF3a28035fE545cB4c86e110f1B72e3fC6a21206
  7. Amount to be raised: 100,000 USDC.e
  8. Max Contribution: Unlimited
An ecosystem built around the 5 most used stablecoins

BDAI, USDT, USDC, TUSD, and MIM are the five stable coins around which 5table is built. Offering an extremely easy and user-friendly platform, where everyone can stake their stablecoins in the safest and most profitable way. This provides a unique opportunity to achieve massive expansion, as almost all crypto users hold at least a portion of their funds in stablecoin.

5table Vaults

The 5table Vault is an auto compounding and advanced smart contract where you can stake your stable coins to take part in the strategy designed to maximize the profits of your stablecoins. In this vault, you are going to be able to stake various stablecoins available on the Avalanche network and receive the best returns, with minimum risk. Beyond this, you will receive $5TABLE as a reward on top of the stable yield. Rewards are automatically compounded with the rest of the capital thus getting a compound interest. When withdrawing you’ll be able to choose any of the stable coins as your preferred token.

5TABLE Governance Pool

This pool is created to share the profits of the 5TABLE finance protocol with all holders. In the short term, it will also be the reference for governance votes. The profits of the protocol are used to buy back 5TABLE and are distributed into the pool as rewards. There is no emission of 5TABLE so this gives more value to the tokens for the users, in addition to increasing their share of the protocol. Staking in the Governance pool represents a commitment to the protocol, and instead of a time lock, there is a withdrawal fee of 3%. This will be redistributed as rewards for the rest of the investors in the pool.

$5table: Governance Token

$5TABLE is the native governance token. By holding the $5TABLE token you become part of the community and will be able to participate in the decisions and growth of the protocol.

What is the utility of $5TABLE?

  • Stake it in the 5TABLE governance pool to participate in the protocol earnings and earn more 5TABLE.
  • Stake in partners pools and earn other tokens by staking 5TABLE
  • In the short term holders will be able to vote and decide the path of the project through governance.

Security is a top priority for most DeFi users, especially for low-risk profiles, that hold a big portion of their crypto assets in stablecoins. With solidity experts on the 5table team, an audit by Certik as well as the assistance of the DeFi Launch security team, the 5table protocol will have the highest security standards.

DeFi Launch will support 5table with cyber security and smart contracts development, aiming to build a highly decentralized protocol that ensures stability and security for all the users.

Ease of Use

5table finance has no minimum deposits, account freezes, or sign-up restrictions. It is accessible to anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Simplicity when investing. That’s 5table.

Investors mainly seek the security of their capital, simplicity in investment, the flexibility to manage funds, and of course, the highest possible returns. 5table aims to meet all of these requirements and provide one of the best user experiences available on Avalanche.


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