7,000,000 $IME PRIZE POOL GIVEAWAY — The Imperium Empires PVP Alpha Starts TODAY!

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7,000,000 $IME PRIZE POOL GIVEAWAY — The Imperium Empires PVP Alpha Starts TODAY!

Buckle up buttercup — the first wave of people to test out our Alpha PVP gets a green light today September 14 1:00PM UTC!

If you are holding or have minted a TriPod-X or Pelicouter, today’s your day!

The download link will be provided later at the 1:00PM UTC tweet.

The Alpha PvP is a test for the purpose of showcasing our latest game development and stress testing our multiplayer game server.

The Alpha PvP will be available for Windows PC and Mac only, and mobile is not supported at this moment. Recommended system requirements of your PC and Mac could be found in the FAQ. If you fail to meet the system requirements, we do not guarantee that you will be able to play the Alpha.

How to Participate
You need to register an account and own at least one Spaceship NFT to play Imperium Empires.
To get started, check out this guide to set up your metamask wallet, register an account and get one spaceship before you start!

The download link would be available before the start of Alpha PvP.

Game Objective:
Collect Loot Boxes until the end. The number of picked loot boxes determines your end of game score. The duration of a game is 5 minutes. Survive until the end of the game and get the highest score to win.

Check the How to Play for more information.

PvP Prize Pool
We would have a separate prize pool for the Alpha PvP with 7,000,000 $IME!

For more information, please read this article.


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