Announcing: Improved SHRAP Unlock Schedule

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The SHRAP token unlock schedule is being revised. This comprehensive revision is born from a commitment to responsible stewardship and a firm belief in Shrapnel’s future. The new unlock schedule supports the long-term health of the ecosystem of products, and is grounded in independent expert analysis and greater clarity on the product delivery timeline. We are grateful for the enduring support of our community in this process, as true partners and believers in the Shrapnel project.

The New Schedule

The new unlock schedule aligns with the product development roadmap. Shrapnel has launched and is now in pre-alpha early access with public gameplay events. Shrapnel’s Creator Tools and Marketplace arrive soon, creating additional SHRAP utility and more game and ecosystem activities.

The revised unlock schedule aligns with industry best practice. Token unlock will commence on April 29, 2024, with non-linear segments. While the community reward pool emissions and ecosystem fund unlocks are not changing, the number of remaining tokens unlocking in April 2024 is reduced by nearly 75%. The non-linear unlock divides the total unlock period of each pool into four epochs, beginning with a lower unlock rate, and accelerating with an increasing user base and increasing SHRAP utility. Existing unlocked SHRAP tokens remain unlocked. The complete schedule can be found in the new whitepaper here.

Mark Long, CEO of Shrapnel, said “We’re fortunate to have one of the most anticipated Web3 games of 2024, driven by our active pre-launch community of players and seasoned partners. We are excited by the feedback we’re getting from early access players of STX, our early version of gameplay, and are proud of the strong road we are building towards free-to-play launch.”

Web3 influencer and Shrapnel advisor Champ said, “Shrapnel has clear ambitions to become a global entertainment franchise, built on an initial success of the flagship game on PC. The new SHRAP unlock schedule positions the product teams to fully pursue that ambition. We see longevity in the project and its economy, and fully support this road to sustainability for the SHRAP token.”

SHRAP unlock comparison, illustrated

It’s an exciting time in Shrapnel’s development trajectory with the recent launch of STX1 and STX1.1, the first opportunities for gamers globally to play via the Epic Games Store. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about the early build of the game — something we are very proud of. In the last year we:

  • Launched our game on the Epic Games Store for early access, making it available to over 200 million players across the globe
  • Expanded our pre-launch community to more than 100,000 Discord members and 370,000 X followers
  • Passed the 100,000 Shrapnel account signup mark (signup here)
  • Announced a landmark Series A funding round of $20 million USD
  • Unveiled Mercury (formerly Gamebridge), our advanced Web3 developer platform

For information about the new unlock schedule, game economy and more, please read the updated whitepaper.

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