Announcing Platypus’ Factory Pool

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Know more about the Factory Pool!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Factory Pool. It’s going live on the 24th of May at 930 am UTC. Three tokens will be listed in this pool: $H2O, $MONEY, and $TSD.

What is the Factory Pool?

Last month, we launched the Alternative Pool, which was brought in to segregate time-tested stablecoins from the riskier ones. Each stablecoins carries its own unique risks, and as a way to bring users more choices and opportunities while managing risks, categorization was put in place. The Factory Pool is created for the most adventurous risk level.

Main Pool — established and time-tested stablecoins

Alternative Pool — newer and relatively risky stablecoins

Factory Pool — maximum risk stablecoins

Will the Factory Pool Be Different From the Other Pools?

There are a couple of details that will be different in the Factory Pool. Firstly, it will not have a boosting option. Interest will only be earned from the base pool.

Like the Alternative Pool, all stablecoins in the Factory pool will be paired with USDC. But unlike the other pools, there is no price oracle in the Factory Pool. Trades will not stop in the event of a depeg, and the USDC in this pool is at risk of draining out. LPs should be aware of the risks when depositing in this pool.

Extra farming rewards from each stablecoins

All three protocols in the Factory Pool will provide incentive rewards to their respective pools. Further details will be shared in our socials, so stay tuned for more!

Updated Emission Allocation

After the launch of the Factory Pool, the adjusted emission market weights will be as follows:

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