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Trader Joe, the leading One-stop-shop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network, has always been our trusted long-term partner. To celebrate and strengthen our long-term partnership, we are excited to announce Pelicouter Mint landing on Joepegs — the largest NFT Marketplace by Trader Joe

Our latest NFT spaceship Pelicouter will be landing at Joepegs on 1 September 2022! To celebrate the collaboration with Trader Joe, we are also releasing a limited Pelicouter Joe Special Edition. Join the Joepegs Mint and have a chance to get the exclusive red freighter ships in the Imperium Metaverse!

Apollo Season 2

Imperium Empires Apollo is a grand strategy game that simulate economic activities in the Imperium Metaverse. In Apollo, players’ purpose is to manage and send their spaceship fleets to mine, lurk, refine and trade resources! Player collect silver credit to earn L-IMC at end of each season.

Apollo Season 2 has just started. We have a new prize pool for Season 2 with new features!

Learn more here

To climb the Apollo S2 leaderboard, the Pelicouter is definitely a nice inculsion of your fleets! The Pelicouter has large cargo space and gear slots, which make it the best Miner in Apollo!

As if this was not exciting enough, out of the 400 NFTs available for mint, only 2 of them will be a very special edition Trader Joe themed Pelicouter freighter ship. These special editions will be minted randomly and will likely be the one and only opportunity to own this very rare NFT.

The Joepeg Pelicouter Mint is our first NFT collection with delayed reveals. The Pelicouter collection will be revealed 24 hours after the mint, i.e. 2 September 2022 1pm UTC.

When you mint Pelicouter, what you will see on Joepegs would be a dummy image, which is the same for everyone. After 24 hours, the NFTs will be revealed: the dummy image will switch to your actual Pelicouter. The reveal ensures minters have a fair chance to mint the Trader Joe themed Pelicouter.

As the pelicouter is launched on Joepegs, the minting smart contract is different from other Imperium Empires NFTs. The team have to update Apollo and Marketplace accordingly to synchronize and facilitate that latest Pelicouter. Apollo and Marketplace would support Pelicouter soon after the reveal. After revealing, please wait for the announcement on activation of the pelicouter in Apollo and Marketplace.

All purchasers of Pelicouter will also be offered a closed alpha PvP game pass.

Details of Pelicouter Mint

The Pelicouter Mint would be started at 1pm (UTC), 1 September 2022. Each wallet is limited to mint a maximum of 20 Pelicouter.
Date: 1 September 2022
Time: 1pm UTC
Price: 5 AVAX
Total Supply: 400
Reveal: 2 September 2022 1pm UTC

The skills and stat perk of each Pelicouter spaceship is randomly assigned during mint. Please go to the inventory page of the marketplace to check the details of the ship after the announcement on activation of the pelicouter in Apollo and Marketplace.

Details of Pelicouter

Rarity: Ultra Rare
Class: Carrier
Size Class: 2
Length: 620

Health: Level 3 (SSS~SS)
Speed: Level 8 (SSS~B)
Turn Rate: Level 7 (SSS~B)
Cargo Capacity: Level 6 (SSS~SS)

*Each ship’s Health/Speed/Turn Rate/Capacity has 5 levels of strengths that make the respective stats more powerful, namely SSS, SS, S, A and B. SSS is the most powerful and rare strength, whereas B is the most common and least powerful strength. The strength of each stat will be determined randomly at the time of mint.

Base Power: 400

Gear Slots

-I — Weapon x1
-I — Shield x1
-I — Support x1
-I — Mining x1
-I — Any x1

Possible Skills

Nuclear Boost, Missile Overload, Team Overload, Laser Overload, Backup Battery

*Each ship will be randomly assigned one skill from the above list at the time of minting.

Possible Skin

Default, Trader Joe

*Out of the 400 NFTs available for mint, only 2 of them will be a very special edition Trader Joe themed Pelicouter freighter ship.

*Each ship will be randomly assigned one skin from the above list at the time of minting.

More details on Pelicouter


If you are new to Imperium Empires, please create an Imperium Empires account. The Imperium Empires Account allows you to check your NFT status, play Apollo and the upcoming PvP game with your spaceship NFTs.

How to Register

  1. Visit
  2. Click login at the top left corner to register an account
  3. Verify your email
  4. Bind the wallet that you are going to mint Pelicouter to the Imperium Empires Account.
  5. Done! You can now check your Pelicouter in the Inventory page after the announcement on activation of the Pelicouter in Apollo and Marketplace.

Please refer to the docs for more details.

About Trader Joe

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