Apollo Season 6 — Full Patch Notes 1.4

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Apollo Season 6 — Full Patch Notes 1.4

Guild System

  • We have introduced a new Guild System, which allows players to create or join guilds with shared ambitions and goals.
  • The Guild System features search functionalities and seasonal performance tracking, enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • The guild leader holds responsibilities and permissions to change the guild status, initiate guild wars, and receive seasonal tournament rewards.
  • Guild members can donate resources to the guild and enjoy the benefits of guild upgrades.
  • There are seven types of guild upgrades that enhance the stats and abilities of all guild members.
  • We are also introducing Guild War, a new feature in Apollo Season 6, that allows guilds to conquer zectors by winning a guild war.
  • The seasonal guild tournament rewards guilds based on their performance in guild wars throughout the season. The top 3 guilds receive rewards at the end of the season.

For Guild System details, please refer to the article below.


Free-to-play launch

  • Players no longer need to connect a wallet during registration. Player can register an account with only email at play.imperiumempires.com
  • All newly registered accounts would receive a “Nomad” ship.
  • All existing Imperium Empire Accounts will also receive a “Nomad” ship

Nomad Stats

  • Size Class 1
  • Health Level 1
  • Speed Level 8
  • Turn Rate Level 6
  • Cargo Capacity Level 1
  • Base Power 300
  • Gear Slots I — Weapon x1
  • Possible Skills Missile Overload

Visual Upgrade

  • In-game graphics and animations have been updated to provide an approximate visualization of the number of fleets in each zector.


  • Adjusted L-IMC top up conversion rate to match the increasing use case of L-IMC in game: 500 IME ⇒ 1 L-IMC
  • Minor Bug Fix


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