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It’s been over 2 months since we made the decision to pause operations on RoboVault. Since then we’ve been quietly working away cooking up our next set of products which we’ll soon be releasing to the wild.

What We’ve Been Building

While operating RoboVault a significant amount of time & effort went into building out the tools & infrastructure that allowed us to securely deploy & operate delta neutral strategies. Since pausing operations we’ve been building out a number of these tools and are looking to make these tools available to all Web3 users & developers. Our efforts have been primarily focused on building out two tools

Arkiver — custom blockchain indexing tool designed to simplify the process of accessing & analysing blockchain data.

DeNotify — a real time crypto alerts engine which provides users with the ability to set custom rules to receive real time alerts for on chain activity. More details on how these products work below.

In addition to building out these tools we’ve also been working with a number of awesome projects.

  1. Neutra Finance — collaboration on strategy R&D, backtesting & building out data infrastructure
  2. Byte Masons — collaboration on building out their automation solutions for their Velo Voter
  3. YieldFi — collaboration on smart contract & infrastructure development for their latest product


Every product and team is different with varied needs, yet available indexing tools are rigid and prescribed. Arkiver provides users with the flexibility to decide what data is important and makes that data accessible.

Arkiver has been designed for developers by developers out of the frustration experienced building DeFi products in an immature industry. Arkiver serves to eliminate many of the pain points experienced by developers with existing indexing tools. Allowing more time to be spent building great products.

Arkiver is currently being used internally & its final form when live will have the following key features:

  • Unrestricted Typescript with the ability to import any module
  • Extremely simple to implement
  • Upgradable without API downtime
  • Historical and Live indexing
  • Indexing multiple blockchain in one deployment
  • Access external endpoints to further enrich the data
  • Define secrets to access inside indexing scripts
  • Write block handlers with arbitrary block intervals
  • Designed with the developer experience as a priority.
  • Test Arkive jobs locally, rather than “testing in prod”, as is often the approach
  • All indexed data is accessible either directly from a database (mongo or postgres), or via a fully featured GraphQL API with a hosted GraphQL playground.

How It Works

Arkiver is built by devs for devs. Creating and accessing a custom web3 api consists of the 3 Steps:

Defining Entities

Entities can be treated like tables in a relational database. These definitions describe the format and structure you want the data to be presented. These entities can be read, queries, updated and created within the indexing scripts.

Custom Indexing Scripts

Indexing scripts are written in typescript with no restrictions, the scripts have access to all NPM modules and can even query external endpoints while executing the script. The key purpose of the scripts is to query the desired raw data from the blockchain while providing the required manipulation and enrichment to the data before storing it into entities.

The indexer can be run locally in a testmode with a single cli command, from which a local database container and a graph QL playground and server are created. This enables the thorough testing of both the indexing scripts and the GraphQL API prior to deployment or updates.

Once the scripts are complete, the arkiver job can be pushed to production for indexing on our hosted servers optimised for indexing..


When the Arkiver job begins indexing, a GraphQL endpoint is made available to the user. This endpoint allows public access to the data through a simple API. The API’s features include:

  • Pagination
  • Filters & Queries
  • Entity Relations
  • Querying Entities Relations

Overall this provides for an extremely flexible & feature rich tool which can be utilised for indexing historical data across all chains.

Key Advantages For Users

  • Simple UX for writing custom indexers
  • Easily accessible data for users
  • Flexibility to enrich data in indexing jobs combining data from multiple chains & off chain sources
  • Ability to run Arkiver jobs locally or through hosted service





DeNotify provides users with the ability to set custom rules to receive real time alerts for on chain activity. This enables users to receive real time custom alerts for relevant on chain activity.

DeNotify triggers monitor on-chain events along with periodically polling contract functions. Here are some example use-cases, DeNotify can trigger alerts for:

Currently DeNotify is live in Alpha testing with limited features, we’ll be releasing a number of more powerful features over the coming weeks including :

  • Advanced filters for alerts to enable custom filtering for notifications
  • Enriched Data for Alerts
  • Additional Platforms to receive alerts (Telegram, Email, Discord DM’s)

Key Advantages For Users

  • Help Secure Assets by Detecting On Chain Activity in Real Time
  • Get Early Alpha Through Real Time Alerts
  • Potential to prevent exposure to losses through early detection of issues



DeNotify Alpha

Early Use Cases

Some early use cases of both Arkiver & DeNotify are listed below.

Neutra Finance Backtesting — while assisting Neutra Finance with backtesting for their nGLPv2 vaults we utilised Arkiver to collect historical data from GMX. Compared to other existing indexing solutions that would have been used, Arkiver provided significant improvements in speed of obtaining the required data.

YieldFi Vault Analytics — Arkiver is currently being utilised by YieldFi to track real time & historical performance of their vaults.

RoboVault Security — As mentioned in previous articles while operating RoboVault the use of internal alerts now available through DeNotify helped us avoid a number of events which would have put users’ funds at risk. At times providing real time notifications which secured over $10M which otherwise would have been at risk.

Canto Lender Health Ratio Monitoring tool — For the Canto Hackathon we were able to build a simple tool utilising API’s from DeNotify which alerts users as to when they are at risk of liquidation by monitoring their Health Ratio in real time.

Future Use Cases

In addition to these early use cases there a number of key use cases where we see these tools shining in the long run

Market analysis : By utilising Arkiver’s historical indexing capabilities, users can analyse market trends and patterns across multiple blockchains. They can also combine data from various sources and perform custom analytics to gain deeper insights into the market. DeNotify can be used to set up real-time alerts for market movements, allowing users to take quick action.

Risk management : With DeNotify, users can set up custom alerts for suspicious activity, such as large transfers or potential hacks. This can help to mitigate risks and prevent losses before they occur. Additionally, Arkiver can be used to track and analyse the performance of different assets and portfolios over time, allowing users to make more informed investment decisions.

Business Intelligence : For Protocols to better understand user behaviour Arkiver can be used to gain deeper insights on user behaviour. Tracking more advanced behaviour such as what other protocols new users were previously using, what other protocols existing users are utilising & when users are lost what protocols they have migrated can assist in making better decisions.

Gaming and NFTs : Arkiver can be used to index and analyse data from gaming and NFT platforms, allowing users to track and analyse game and collectible statistics, as well as monitor the market for new opportunities. DeNotify can be used to set up alerts for new NFT releases or sales, allowing users to stay on top of the latest trends and opportunities.

Going Forward

Currently, Arkiver and DeNotify are in their early stages as tools. In the long run, we envision these tools serving as base layers for a broader Data & Analytics platform that Web3 Developers & Users can utilise to generate advanced historical & real time insights. With our high-performing custom Indexer in Arkiver, we plan to build additional layers on top of it that will allow users to directly interact with historical blockchain data without writing any code. This will enable users & developers to generate advanced insights through a no-code platform and make better decisions. Additionally, as we extend the functionality of DeNotify, the ability for users to detect on chain activity in real time & act to prevent potential losses through customised alerts will become increasingly powerful. We see potential use cases such as helping secure assets, staying ahead of the market, and optimising protocol management. While we don’t have a firm roadmap for these plans, we’re excited about the future possibilities and will continue to update users once we have a firm roadmap in place. .

As we continue to build and iterate on these tools, we’re committed to staying true to our core principles of simplicity, flexibility, and developer-focused design. We believe that these principles will continue to guide us as we expand our offerings and explore new use cases.

Overall, we’re excited about the potential that Arkiver and DeNotify hold for the Web3 ecosystem. With their flexible and powerful indexing and alerting capabilities, we believe that these tools will help developers and users alike to gain deeper insights and make better decisions. We look forward to sharing more updates on these tools and our broader Data & Analytics platform in the coming weeks and months.

If any teams or users would like to collaborate with us to use, help with testing & integrate some of these products, feel free to reach out to us (TG : @degenRobot or email : matt@robolabs.biz )


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