Automata brings Web3 “privacy middleware” to Avalanche

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What does it actually mean though? Well, if you’re not super technical, I’ll break it down for you as simple as I can.

  • Firstly: Automata integrates with existing and future dApps.
  • Secondly: they are the layer between the user and the dApp’s smart contracts.
  • Finally: Automata maintains privacy in doing so.

Simple right?

Well, the site is pretty crammed with jargon. Even for a technology consultant like myself. But, I did find you a nice diagram that is likely easier to consume.

image 18
Automata sit between a dApp browser and a DeX, or DAO, for example.

One of the key reasons why this update is important: privacy in Defi is vital.

Automata have a few interesting middleware services:

  • MEV minimization, stop’s block producers manipulating transaction orders; Conveyor
  • Anonymous voting, users can vote without revealing their identity during Governance; Witness.
  • An indexing service that doesn’t track users; Librarian.

Automata have received multiple grants for their work. Grants have come from the Web3 foundation–the guys propping up Polkadot.

Furthermore, they’ve got founding members of the Zilliqa team working in and amongst them. Automata is something special.

For the token minded folks, Automata has 1 billion ATA tokens in total supply. Circulating around 17.25% at the time of writing. And a market cap up at over $85m.

Interested in learning more? Well, they gave a talk on Polkadot Decoded in May. Well worth a watch.

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