Ava Labs Announces Apricot Phase 5

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Apricot Phase Five Includes: P<>C Atomic Transfers, Atomic Transaction Batching, and C-Chain Fee Algorithm Optimizations

This evening, the pre-release code was published for Phase Five of the Apricot Upgrade (“AP5”), which will activate at 10 a.m. EST (3 p.m. UTC) on Wednesday, November 24th on the Fuji Testnet. 

This upgrade includes protocol optimizations that are not compatible with AvalancheGo versions < v1.7.0. If you run a node on Fuji Testnet, it is recommended that you update your software to AvalancheGo >= v1.7.0 before the activation time on Fuji. If you are a Mainnet node operator, there is no action required until the official [email protected] code is published.

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