Avail Integrates Movement’s Open Framework For Modular Move Blockchain Development

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November 28th, 2023 — Movement is partnering with Avail to integrate Avail’s Data Availability (DA) solutions within the Move Stack. This collaboration enables a seamless deployment and interface of Movement’s diverse ecosystem of Move-based applications and blockchain infrastructure to blockchains like Ethereum.

Move applications are pushing boundaries of TPS limits, consumer security, and the developer experience building complex but secure applications. Movement Network’s ecosystem of net-new Move-based dApps, games, consumer applications, and financial products leveraging our Open Framework can deploy natively.

This upgrade to the Move Stack improves user experience throughout the industry. Avail’s efficient and scalable DA solutions pair perfectly with alt-VMs, especially the hyper-performant MoveVM. The ability to deploy directly to Ethereum lowers the barriers for consumer app adoption, enabling developers to deploy production-ready code confidently and without the looming threat of costly security vulnerabilities.

The Movement SDK empowers builders to utilize the cutting-edge Move Virtual Machine for launching custom Move-EVM blockchains. With integration with Avail ready for use out of the box, Movement Labs envisions a surge of consumer applications leveraging the advanced VM rollup technology to expand their reach and support. Web3 is entering a new era of security and performance, and it will be natively accessible to all.

In addition to the Move Stack, the Movement SDK supports Fractal, which allows Solidity applications to harness the performance and security of Move without the need to write Move code. Ethereum applications seeking to upgrade their performance and security in preparation for the next wave of adoption will leverage Fractal to access the Move Stack and the benefits of Move without leaving the network.

Deploying via the Movement SDK, consumers maintain consistent experiences across EVM wallets, developer infrastructure, and token standards. Additionally, builders can utilize Movement validators within the Snowman consensus to connect their rollup to a shared sequencing network, ensuring liquidity is not fragmented and keeping sequencing decentralized, cost-effective, and immediate — no latency

Builders, particularly those using alternative VMs, often face the challenge of blockchain fragmentation. The Movement SDK simplifies the management of multichain deployments with a unified experience for builders and consumers alike.

The partnership between Movement and Avail marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 and decentralized applications. With Avail’s commitment to a robust and scalable blockchain infrastructure and Movement’s focus on enhancing smart contract security, developers are poised to create unique and impactful online experiences accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

About Avail

Avail is a robust base layer designed to meet the needs of next-generation trust-minimized applications and sovereign rollups. Avail’s strengths lie in its innovative security approach, which allows light clients to easily verify data availability through sampling over a peer-to-peer network. Avail simplifies blockchain integration for developers, as they no longer need to worry about validator sets or tokenomics. With Avail’s unparalleled data availability interface and powerful security capabilities, developers can create zero-knowledge or fraud-proof-based blockchain applications with greater efficiency and ease. Discover more at availproject.org

About Movement

Movement is developing tools and infrastructure to improve the security and efficiency of distributed networks. Focused on smart contract safety and blockchain scalability, Movement is committed to pioneering new applications in decentralized economies, leveraging the security and performance of the Move Programming Language. Our Open Protocols are designed to empower both developers and users, fostering a more secure and accessible blockchain ecosystem.

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For more information about Movement Labs and to explore the documentation, visit movementlabs.xyz

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