Avalanche Chainlink: This Is Important, there are “over 255 Avalanche projects” that need it.

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Chainlink is crypto’s leading source of oracles; providing reams of data that are verified and made trusty by code. For example: bringing sound pricing data to Defi, among many other benefits.

Chainlink’s Avalanche integration

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It has now been incorporated with Avalanche. There will be concrete price feeds. Supporting, and bolstering the efficacy of Avalanche’s sprawling Defi space.

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Chainlink Avalanche price fees. Source: Chainlink

Not only will there be better price feeds. There will be a better solution to an age-old problem on Avalanche.

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Chainlink Avalanche USD price feed. Source: Chainlink.

Chainlink’s random number generation

A major use case for Chainlink is in its random number generator feeds. As it stands, many projects have resorted to KECCAK randoms. Which, arguably, aren’t that random; using hash functions to generate “pseudo-random” outputs.

Inquisitive users have no doubt debated this in the past, and (in my humble opinion,) it isn’t appropriate. Fortunately, Chainlink is here to save the day for many projects.

Comments on Avalanche Chainlink from Avalabs

Conversations between Coindesk and Ava Labs’s President John Wu, revealed there are over 225 projects building on Avalanche that are in need of functionality such as oracles from Chainlink. Especially the large stable coins.

Chainlink tokens have been available for trading across multiple Avalanche DeXs. Pangolin, Elk, Lydia.

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