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Persistence makes all the difference.

Avalanche has a clear vision towards its success. Avalanche not only keeps the community bind in together but also thinks about its victory over others with its unique ideology. Avalanche Roadmap 2021 showcases the achievements of the ecosystem till date and covering the magnificent milestones for the rest of the year. Avalanche communities are tremendously supporting the ecosystem, making it stand ahead from the rest. The support of the community members for the Avalanche ecosystem clearly showcases how much they like the project and want it grow in leaps and bounds.

Avalanche Portal helps you to stay updated with the things happening around Avalanche. Let’s check out the astounding efforts by the community members.

Avalanche Francophone

The French people are community spirited and it directly reflects in their local Avalanche community too. Avalanche French community recently had an AMA in Binance French community. They talked about DeFi & the Avalanche ecosystem. If you have missed the AMA, you can check it out here.

Avalanche Indonesia

Avalanche Indonesia is all excited with the task in their community. The community members are helping the Avalanche Indonesia community grow across all social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin and many more. Check out the new task here. Also join Avalanche Indonesia community on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned with upcoming events in their community.

Avalanche Español

Mexico’s Most Popular Soccer Club, Chivas, Celebrates 115th Anniversary with NFT Auction on Avalanche. The fans could participate in an open design contest in Social Media to create an NFT concept that will be included in the series. The Chivas selected the fan NFT for the https://wegoatyou.art auction, which will be open until July 9th.

Twitter Space events are fun. Recently @Andyvargtz , @RicardOruka in addition to @isopixel ,@TheCoffeePodcas, @Amaurylr and more guests talked about #NFTs & e-sports in the twitter space.

@RicardOruka was also live in a twitter space talking about Intellectual Property, NFTs and more.

@Andyvargtz gave a step-by-step introduction to Pangolin, the DEX with the most TVL in the Avalanche ecosystem. You will learn to create a wallet, send funds to metamask and interact with the platform. Watch out the full video here.

Join Avalanche Español on Telegram and Twitter to connected with the ecosystem.

Avalanche India

Stickers are fun to use and are liked by all. Avalanche India lately initiated a sticker task for community members wherein they are free to use their skill set to make their stickers look the most creative and interesting. The community is engaged in the task and coming up with great ideas. The task will last till 10th July. If you are curious to participate, join Avalanche India community on Telegram and Twitter to know more.

Avalanche (AVAX) - India

Avalanche Vietnam

The Avalanche Vietnam is growing strong. Titans Ventures will be the driving force for Avalanche to grow stronger than ever in Vietnam, as well as contribute to the consolidation of a comprehensive Avalanche ecosystem. Eager to join Avalanche Vietnam community? Join the community now on Twitter and Telegram.


Avalanche Portuguese

Keeping the community engaged is a must. Avalanche Portuguese created the first task for their community members to spread a word across for their community. The task is simple but very important for strengthening the Portuguese-speaking Avalanche community. To participate in the task and stay tuned for more tasks in the coming days, join Avalanche Portuguese on Twitter and Telegram now.


Avalanche Roadmap 2021

Avalanche Roadmap 2021 has opened the doors for the successful future of Avalanche in crypto space. To spread the word across for the Roadmap, the community members have come up with great tweets, infographics and videos. Let’s have a look at them and appreciate their efforts in supporting the community. Also if you wish to participate in the task and support the Avalanche ecosystem, join Avalanche Hub on Twitter and Telegram.

Fernando Gutierrez beautifully explained What is Avalanche? An advanced student in the #Ethereum-killers class. Check out the entire thread to know more.

We hope Community Updates will make AVAX Portal even more useful, so that you’re not worried about missing out on cool events and opportunities around you.

Thanks for being with us on this journey everyone — to AVALANCHE!

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