Avalanche: Spaces Subnet Demo

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Tryspaces.xyz is a website built from the ground up to showcase the power of the new SpacesVM.

The website connects to a cluster of validators running the SpacesVM on an Avalanche Subnet in this case on the Avalanche Fuji Network (TestNet)


A space can be defined as your digital home, a place where you can store and share links, images, and files. Usually, your files would be hosted on a private server somewhere yet in this case your space is stored on a blockchain that anyone can validate/interact via testscan.avascan.info

Similar to a private home, the only one able to make changes to a space is the validated owner (the person who claims the space). Not whoever someone or a group decides the owners is but whoever the verified owner actually is, proven by private key in any EIP-712 compatible wallet such as the popular extension MetaMask

On this subnet, the ~970k addresses that have interacted with the Avalanche C-Chain more than twice have received an airdrop of 10,000 SPC tokens that can be used to claim spaces and store items in them.

The site works with both mobile browsers, mobile wallets (like MetaMask Mobile), and is Ledger compatible (for those extra important spaces)

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Try it out for yourself now at tryspaces.xyz!

Network stats from the first 24 hours

  • 24206 Spaces
  • 16219 Lifeline Extensions (Total Units)
  • 3086 Paths Created (<space>/<key>)
  • 332 Paths Modified
  • 386 Paths Deleted
  • 29648 Blocks


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