Avalaunch Integrates Coinbase Wallet

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In an ongoing effort to create ease-of-use and accessibility for crypto users of all levels of experience, Avalaunch is happy to support the Coinbase wallet.

The Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody wallet that gives users control of their crypto, allowing private keys to be stored directly on personal devices. The message for users is they are in complete control of their digital assets.

Many of us are familiar with the refrain “not your keys, not your coins,” and the implication with that is—when an exchange or third party holds an individual’s crypto, that person relinquishes some control while taking on potential, avoidable risk.

Avalaunch believes that having ownership and custody of one’s digital assets is an inalienable, self-evident right that is too often overlooked in a centralized world. We are happy to provide the popular option of the Coinbase wallet and look forward to future integrations.

About Avalaunch

Avalaunch is a launchpad powered by the Avalanche platform, allowing new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution. With its values deeply rooted in the early Avalanche community, we are able to offer projects confident, informed users who are aligned with the long-term goals of the rapidly expanding application ecosystem.

Leveraging Avalanche’s scalable, high-throughput, and low-latency platform, Avalaunch is built by users, for teams, to help grow strong communities.

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