Avax Penguin Family: Welcome To The Fam

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The Avax Penguin Family is coming to Avalanche on January 7th and is bringing a lot of exciting things to the Avalanche space!

The Avax Penguin Family team has set out to create a whole new NFT experience made possible by the avalanche blockchain and intends to provide benefits for the entire AVAX ecosystem.

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The mint will be live on January 7th at www.avaxpenguinfamily.com

Some exciting features include:

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NFT Credentials

  • Wallet/Metamask integration
  • Use your Peng Fam NFTS as your character!
  • Unrestricted Possibilities for partnerships with other NFT collections
  • Enhanced and Secure digital identity

Social Interaction

  • Text Chat
  • Voice Chat & Audio
  • Video Chat
  • Conference Rooms – Group Chat

Learn & Earn on Avalanche

  • Helps entry into the AVAX ecosystem
  • Discovery of new products and possibilites
  • WBridge, Swap, Buy Directly in the metaverse
  • Interact directly with the community via airdrops, beta test, & announcements

Decentralized Meetups

  • Set your own parameters to participate – allowing for private rooms for NFT/token holders and similar
  • Organize Airdrops

Learn, Discover & Connect with Existing and Upcoming NFT projects

  • Partnerships with other collections and NFT marketplaces
  • Enahnced Digital Presence and Identity
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