AVE-Dice, The Lastest Avaware Launch.

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AVE-Dice just launched. It’s the latest project by Avaware. You can deposit and play right away.

ave dice
The Dice form. Green buttons are quick plays; higher or lower. Or, customize your bet.

The game is simple. You put up a wager, then select the odds you want. If you win, you win. If you lose, better luck next time.


The chat section on the sidebar will keep you entertained. Especially as rolls get higher!

How to join Ave Dice

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Signing up is simple:

  1. Create an account; create a username, input a password, and add your email.
  2. Deposit some AVE; available on Elk Finance. AVE is the native currency of Avaware.
  3. Play; it’s that easy!

Remember that losses are lost forever. So be careful, take it slowly.

Invest in Ave Dice

You can opt to invest in Ave-Dice; playing as the house. Which, should play out better in the long run; expected value factored in.

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