AVME and AVAWARE ‘ave a lot in common

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A solid new Partnership for the Avalanche system. Continuing to hotten up.

Avaware’s annonouncement.
AVME’s announcement.


In this post

Lets break down what the partnership entails.

A few fundamentals to recap


The native token is AVME. With a max supply of around 26m~ tokens. Mostly farmed through LP rewards.

  • A trustless, decentralized, security suite.
  • Avalanche based.
  • Low market cap.
  • Early doors.
  • Antivirus services.
  • Endpoint security.
  • Decentralized, ML-powered, sandbox-nodes .
  • Trustless password management.
  • Avalanche-based, high-performance, modular wallet. (Metamask-killer, you heard it here first.)
  • Mobile wallet too..

There’re more things on the roadmap, but we’ll save those for a deeper review.

The native token is AVE. With a max supply of 10m tokens at present.

  • A multi-project initiative.
  • Launchpad IDO provider.
  • Parents Avalanche Today, AVE Dice, Tip Blue, Cabbage Cash, EnEfTea, Avadoria
  • Low market cap.
  • Early doors.
  • NFTs, NFT marketplace.
  • Start-up incubator.

Read more about the partnership

Both Avaware and AVME has written up their partnership details. There could be a few more golden nuggets to feed your inner alpha demon. Be sure to check them out!


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