Community Campaign for Kalao’s 1 year anniversary

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Celebrate with us and earn NFTs

The preparations for Kalao’s 1 year anniversary on November 8th are in full swing. While artists can already celebrate with us by participating in our art contest for charity, we are happy to now announce our anniversary community campaign for users.

? Starting today, you can earn 3 Kalia NFTs for using Kalao and celebrating our anniversary with us on Twitter. This includes one rare Kalia NFT with a supply of just 100 pieces.

Community Campaign Details

The campaign is hosted on Galxe and runs from November 2nd 2022 to December 15th 2022.

The Quests

You can participate in 3 quests that require you to finish different tasks, which will become increasingly difficult. The harder the quest, the less people will be able to finish it, meaning the NFT will be more rare. The 3rd quest is capped at an NFT supply of 100.

Tasks include

  • NFT buying and selling (volume is counted since October 28, so you may have a head start)
  • Trying out collection offers
  • Learning about our property offers
  • Engaging on Twitter

The Quests are called ‘Kalia fan’, ‘Kalia stan’, and ‘Kalia simp’.

The rewards

You can earn 3 NFTs in total, 1 per quest.

It’s only possible to earn these NFTs during the campaign period and there’s no way to get them afterwards.

The NFTs are non-transferable and may provide utility later on ?

How to get started

  1. Head over to Galxe
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Check if you already fulfill some tasks
  4. Take on the other tasks

The Twitter tasks require you to link your Twitter profile.

Celebrating 1 year of Kalao with our Community

We want everyone to be able to participate in our celebration as a thank you for the continuous support throughout the year.

Users can earn limited Kalia NFTs with our community campaign.

Artists can win prizes and support charity by participating in our art contest.

On November 8th, our anniversary, we will share a blog post summarizing the last year. Any events you want to see featured? Let us know!

We’ll also host a Twitter Space. Be there to finish the 3rd quest.


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