Congratulations to the Imperium Empires PvP Tournament Winners!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the PvP tournament! We are thrilled to announce the winners of our PvP tournament! After weeks of intense recorded matches, we are excited to recognize the outstanding performance of the top players.

Here are the winners of our PvP tournament:

????[????????????]*???????????????????????? ???? — Prize: $1,045

????[TOD]*HERMES — Prize: $696

????KOSTOK — Prize: $348

4️⃣[????????????]*???????????????????????? — Prize: $99

5️⃣[TOD] Raccoon — Prize: $99

6️⃣myrina — Prize: $99

7️⃣MASSTERRBUTEEN — Prize: $99

8️⃣Leo’s Sister — Prize: $99

9️⃣Son OF Markie — Prize: $99

????Await — Prize: $99

And the 10 lucky draw winners (prize: $69) are:


2️⃣Bull’s toys









Congratulations to our winners! Prize would be distributed through our reward claiming portal. For detailed information please refer to the end of this article.

To everyone else who participated, we appreciate your efforts and glad you enjoyed our game. We hope that you enjoyed the tournament and that you will continue to engage with us in the future.

Prize Distribution

Prize would be distributed in USDC (prize pool equivalent to IME value at September 9, 2022). You can NOW claim your prize through our reward claiming portal at Note that you have to login with Imperium Empires Accounts and connect to the portal with corresponding wallet address in order to claim your prize!


Details of prize winner:

PvP Tournament Prize Winner (Public)


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