CryptoYieldFocus: Site Down, Devs Gone, Social Media Channels Closed

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There has been a huge influx of new market participants to Avalanche.

A new wave of developers in tow.

Many of these newer projects do not have the same tenacity as those that have come before them.

This is another reminder to practice extreme caution. Especially with “degen farms” promising high rewards.

A breakdown of what we know

In this post

  • CryptoYieldFocus launched their first project on Avalanche a few days ago
  • Their intentions appeared very positive; they were networking with others
  • They published their NFT competition
  • They published dApp battles, promising giveaways

Last night, they exited, and closed down their social media accounts. Their website is also down.

Their masterchef contract, still appears airtight. This is the smart contract used for farming yields.

As such, you are still currently able to emergency withdraw from the farms.

It isn’t the easiest walkthrough. But, we do have their contract.

How to exit the CYF Masterchef contract

Let’s keep it simple.

  1. Search your wallet on the Avalanche C-Chain
  2. Toggle the transactions to “From”
  3. Then search on the page for their MasterChef contract address
    1. 0xaB0141F81b3129f03996D0679b81C07F6A24c435 <- this address
  4. Open each transaction, and find the _pid. The _pid is the ID of the farm to withdrawal from. You’ll need these numbers; store them in notepad.
  5. Go to Write Contract, and find the function emergencyWithdraw()
  6. Input your _pid numbers one by one, then withdraw.

If you guys need further support, you are welcome to join our telegram group discussion. And any help on tracking down the developers would be appreciated to.

Stay safe people. A video guide will follow shortly to make the process easier.


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