DCTDEX, the “Quantum-resistant” DeX (on Avalanche)

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When it comes to DeFi, there are 3 things to be afraid of.

  1. Whales,
  2. HFT bots,
  3. Bad smart contracts.

But, the real “Cthulu” isn’t really spoken about enough.

Quantum Computers.

See, they’re supposed to be pretty good at cracking cryptography. Something quite important for blockchains. It’s what gives everything uniqueness, security, and value. Thank god that they’re not quite there yet … “Eee-min”.

DFTDao is building a quantum-resistant DEX. Integrating multiple chains and supporting transactions that are near “gas-less”. More importantly, we’ll be better protected against quantum powered attackers? Hopefully.

DCTDEX has publicized integrations with Avalanche, Polkadot, Moonbeam. All highly sought after blockchains.

DCTDao has close ties with TrustSwap, Verso. Where there are already farms for them on TrustSwap.

Recently, DCTDAO put out a vote for who they should put up farms for. Either AVME, Spore, or Cabbage. Make sure you vote for your favourite here: https://gleam.io/OOwfm/dctdex-liquidity-airdrop-and-new-coin-listing-voting-bonanza-edition-1

If you’ll like to click around DCTDEX, they’re up and running on Avalanche now. Then, head over to DCTDEX, and take a look around.

There’re some cool hints towards bridging too.

image 39

And before you go, their token is DCTD. Not financial advice. Enjoy!

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