Deloitte and Avalanche Partner on Disaster Recovery

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Who said big consulting companies couldn’t innovate? Deloitte and Ava Labs have just announced a partnership to build a disaster recovery platform with the Avalanche blockchain. Deloitte’s Government Crisis Management Services helps governments handle disasters and decided that Avalanche was the best partner to build its Close as You Go service. The Close as You Go service simplifies disaster reimbursement applications for victims of natural disaster, by aggregating and validating the documentation required for funding.

Avalanche will provide a transparent and cost-effective solution that reduces waste and creates a more efficient system. The system is designed to accelerate the recovery of areas struck by natural disaster through its ability to organize documents before a disaster hits and manage processes once the recovery process starts. As you can imagine it’s important for areas to get back up and running as quickly as possible after a disaster. 

The transparency of the blockchain also guarantees that no funny business will occur during the recovery process. Along with reducing potential corruption, it also reduces administrative costs associated with disaster recovery. This could be the beginning of many government use cases for the Avalanche blockchain.


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