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Good news- Dexalot introduced another trade pair! The sAVAX/AVAX trade pair is now available without any commission fees! Trade freely and accumulate DIP rewards at the same time. #OwnYourTrade

Liquid Staking is one of the most critical capabilities in DeFi today. Benqi created the first liquid staking solution on Avalanche by introducing the sAVAX token.

As any Web3 enthusiast will tell you, it’s very important for participants to validate and secure their respective networks. However, prior to liquid staking, staking came with a cost of liquidity. This means assets would be locked completely for the duration of the stake period.

Liquid Staking essentially eliminates the liquidity issue by providing an asset in return for the staked assets which can be used as collateral for other activities. In other words, liquid staking allows a user to secure the network, and earn validation rewards without losing liquidity. sAVAX is available across popular platforms such as Benqi, Aave and other protocols allowing users to continue to design and develop their favorite DeFi activities.

“We are looking forward to the growth of this vertical in Web3 and we’ll be supporting sAVAX and similar products that add direct value to all Web3 end users.”

Dexalot’s Head of Strategy, Berk Ozdogan (Firestorm)

Dexalot is offering this trade-pair as a trading experiment to the community. There will be no professional market makers operating. The entire community will be participating in establishing the spread.

The Dexalot Incentive Program (DIP) has been established to reward trading by both executed volume, and how close orders are to the midpoint between the bids and offers for any given trade pair. These rewards will be distributed to trading with sAVAX/AVAX.

Also, Hummingbot has established a gateway to Dexalot so you can set up a Hummingbot bot to do the trading for you, AND there are zero commission fees for your trades — This is a no-brainer.

Happy trading!

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