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$STL token listing partnership

Dexalot has partnered with Cyberstella to list their multi-purpose token $STL. Skillfully blending idle gaming elements and dynamic rewarding with blockchain technology, Cyberstella inspired by new-retro and science fiction animations, invites players to embark on a thrilling, space-opera-themed Web 3 adventure game. Players can fully customize their NFTs’ appearance — from clothing to accessories, craft, and upgrade their NFT’s equipment and experience limit breaks like never seen before.

Dexalot’s fast, secure and transparent CLOB exchange will list $STL with USDt and provide the universe of Cyberstella members a user friendly and convenient way to trade their tokens and own their trades. Unleashing their creative freedom, $STL holders will now be able to more dynamically explore the Cybstella ecosystem, disrupt Gamefi, and create their own manga and story by harnessing player-approved game mechanics and the engine that is Cyberstella.

This partnership between Cyberstella and Dexalot to list $STL is set to deliver a revolutionary experience for the AVAX Web3 community.


  • Time and Date: 1:00 pm UTC, April 26, 2023
  • Contract Chain : Avalanche C-Chain
  • Trading Chain : Dexalot Subnet
  • Trade Pair : STL/USDt
  • Listing Price: $0.015
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $STL
  • Tokenomics

$STL Utilities


  • Scouting,
  • Crafting,
  • Upgrading Accessories,
  • Purchasing Parts,
  • Performing Crew Limit Breaks,


  • Obtaining manga rights,
  • Wiki integration,
  • Secondary artwork transactions

Enter the game, participate in lore-building events and witness your NFTs come to life.

Read about Cyberstella and join Cyberstella’s Discord to learn the ins and outs.


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Author: Brad McFall

Editor: Dan Marcoulis

Graphics: Can Toygar

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