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The multichain future has arrived!

Dexalot has chosen LayerZero to be its default bridge provider when it launches as a subnet on Avalanche. LayerZero’s best-in-class messaging security plus immutable and perpetual messaging flow mechanism made it a clear first choice for Dexalot. Through the implementation of generic messaging across its blockchains, Dexalot and LayerZero are creating the multichain future of tomorrow.

Previously, trading on Dexalot meant that all user actions were sent to a single blockchain. Today this has changed. Dexalot’s new architecture now allows for interaction between multiple blockchains from its unified frontend. This is not only more efficient for end users but also paves the way for future innovations. LayerZero’s secure and flexible architecture allows Dexalot to combine the deposit, withdrawal and bridging functions into one-click and thus provide a seamless experience for users.

This novel dual-chain architecture allows Dexalot to unload more demanding operations to the subnet, reducing the gas cost while increasing speed. In the same regard, by settling on generic messaging connectivity instead of using cross-chain token transfers, operations are kept cost-effective. This design gives users an affordable alternative that would not have otherwise been available.

Check out this video and listen in ( 20:20–27:30 ) as Dexalot’s founders discuss how this new innovation works and why Layer Zero’s messaging service was chosen to join in Dexalot’s subnet launch.

Dexalot’s Transfers tab will contain a link in the bridge column to your

LayerZero Scan status, transaction state, and other real time information.

This state of the art approach allows Dexalot to scale to multiple bridges (to further reduce risk from single points of failure) and for assets in chains other than Avalanche to be tradeable on the Dexalot Subnet. Dexalot’s multichain future thus joins with LayerZero’s omnichain vision to further broaden the Avalanche ecosystem and help usher in DeFi mass adoption.

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Author: Brad McFall

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