Elk Finance ElkNet Expands to 12 Chains (more on the way) + VSO annoucements

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I’ve long been a fan of Elk Finance‘s bridge. For 3 reasons:

  • Fee-less.
  • 7s~ average bridge time.
  • And variety.

The latest upgrade added 6 chains. Elastos, Hoo, OKEX, Hoo, Harmony, Moonriver. Each is a solid chain in its own right. And now simpler than ever to access. With a small alpha leak. Are Iotex and Arbitrum next?

image 36
image 37

Verso project announcements

Verso is a huge DeFi project that will appeal to a lot of TradFi as well as the average DeFi user.

Running down the summary points:

  • Verso will connect the dApp to 3rd party wallets
  • They’re in touch with large insurance companies
  • Building a POC app for demos, available this quarter
  • Entire design for front and back end is complete
  • Live transactions will come in Q4
  • They will support insurance through their platform, validators earn from this process
  • POC app coming this quarter
  • Smart contracts, partnerships, exchange listings coming this quarter too
  • Partnering with Penguin Finance; VSO iceberg on the way
  • CEX arrangements in the works with top tier exchanges; inc. Gate.io


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