End of Apollo season 2–19 October 2022

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Apollo season 2 is ending soon! This article would cover everything you need to know before the end of season 2.

End of Season Warning in-game

Apollo Season 2 ends on October 19, 2022 04:00 UTC. Please note that Apollo would go into maintenance mode right after the end of season to deploy patch 1.2. The maintenance period may last several hours as we have to resolve end of season L-IMC distribution and deploy the latest patch. We would make an announcement in the discord channel when the game resumes. Season 3 would start immediately after the maintenance period.

Pirate Event Introduced in Season 2

What’s happening at the start of a new season

A new season means a new challenge to all commanders! At the start of a new season, all of your spaceships would be returned to hangar, regardless of their current status. All ships are removed from fleet and the leaderboard would reset. You would have to create new fleets and assign your spaceships for the new season. It is also a good time for you to revise your strategy on fleet compositions.

Also, all of your ORES AND REFINED MATERIALS would be NULLIFIED. Take your time to refine and trade your remaining resources into SILVER CREDIT. SILVER CREDIT would be exchanged to L-IMC at the end of season based on your holdings.

L-IMC Distribution

Each user L-IMC rewards will be calculated based on their Silver Credit holdings at the end of season (include Silver Credit from both ship storage and hangar storage) weighted by the total number of Silver Credit of all players.

The L-IMC reward would be directly distributed to your account. You can check your L-IMC balance at the history page. Note that the projected L-IMC rewards in the vault page is just an approximation. Please refer to the history page for the actual L-IMC rewards you have received.


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