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What is Enlistment?

Enlistment enables you to lock your SHRAP tokens on our subnet and earn METAL in return. While your SHRAP tokens are locked, you won’t be able to withdraw them, but you can still use your SHRAP for buying or crafting skins, trading on our marketplace, and more. The more SHRAP you enlist, the greater your Metal Rewards will be!

What is METAL?

METAL is an off-chain points system. METAL will have a range of future in-game utility and will provide future ecosystem rewards to those who accumulate it. The amount of METAL you accumulate will determine your rewards.

For a full overview of METAL, visit this blog post https://medium.com/@playSHRAPNEL/metal-491247ae5015.

Getting Started

Head over to Shrapnel Operations, powered my Moku to start your Enlistment Operation. Click here to get more Enlistment Intel. To enlist, you simply choose your Enlistment duration (3, 6, 9, or 12 months) and enlist. Once enlisted, a timer will display your remaining time, and the option to withdraw SHRAP will be disabled for the duration of your Enlistment.

Shrapnel Operations: Enlistment

Can I re-enlist for a different duration? Can I cancel my Enlistment?

You can re-enlist for a longer contract at any time, which will terminate your current contract and start a new one. However, it is not possible to cancel your enlistment early or switch to a shorter duration (i.e. you must complete your full Enlistment contract time before you are able to withdraw SHRAP.)

How is METAL awarded during Enlistment?

METAL is awarded daily, and is based on the amount of SHRAP in your account at the start of your Enlistment. This means that the daily METAL you earn will not decrease if you use your SHRAP for activities like trading on the marketplace.

The more SHRAP you enlist, the greater your Metal Rewards will be! Additionally, the length of your enlistment affects your METAL rewards:

  • 3 months: 1x METAL (base)
  • 6 months: 1.25x METAL multiplier
  • 9 months: 1.6x METAL multiplier
  • 12 months: 2x METAL multiplier

For V1, if you choose to re-enlist, the multiplier is applied to the SHRAP balance you re-enlist with.

METAL Claim from Enlistment

To claim your daily METAL from enlistment, go to your Mail at www.shrapnel.moku.gg and press “Claim.” You can do this daily or as often as is convenient for you, as there is no expiration period currently set.

Bonus METAL for completing Operations

There will be the opportunity to complete Operations (quests on Moku) for bridging-in SHRAP, rewarding you with an additional fixed amount of METAL upon completion.

Kindly note that to transfer SHRAP out, users are required to have Verified Identity.

Checking Your METAL Balance

We are partnering with the questing platform, Moku, to deliver an engaging experience for participants. You can view your current METAL balance on the Moku platform.


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