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The past couple of weeks have shown the fragility of a novel industry we’ve all come to know as the cryptocurrency industry. With the collapse of one of the largest players in the game, many are turning their back and consider everything crypto a done deal. But what if we told you there is an alternative?

There is a way that you can benefit from blockchain technology without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

False promises

Derived from the earths of the invention of bitcoin span a multi-trillion dollar industry that turned out to be much larger than ever imaginable. After a brief period where only one currency existed, thousands of others followed with little to no utility. Nevertheless, the unlimited potential of the underlying technology brought in many talented individuals.

Scrolling forward to 2022, we’ve all been witness to the decline of some of the largest companies within the industry. False promises and empty convictions brought down large funds and eventually exchanges and millions of investors. Moreso, it shifted the narrative around cryptocurrencies and anything related to blockchain technology.

Gaming in the answer

It’s sad to see the stain the actions of several individuals leave on an entire industry, but there is an alternative. Every timethe web3 space took a big hit, it was either the financial aspect, the centralized nature, or a combination of both. Games using blockchain technology offer an alternative that solves a great entry to this wonderful world of decentralization.

Fun over finance

First and foremost, gaming is fun by design where finance is not traditionally known as being fun and exciting. The cryptocurrency world is an alternative to the financial system that only a tiny percentage of the population truly understands, let alone truly enjoys. The ease of entry made it accessible to many people across the globe, yet it’s still a financial market which is not the most exciting to many.

Complex math to calculate the percentage yields in lending protocols or an adrenaline rush from a captivating racing game? While both using blockchain technology, gaming offers people an entry in a decentralized future that’s not only more fair, but way more fun. Gaming in web3 gives you the merit of crypto, but not the hassle.

Non-custodial by nature

The biggest problems in the world of digital currencies exist in the simple fact of who owns your assets. Do you store your precious goods in a centralized exchange, or do you have the keys to your own kingdom? We’ve seen what happens when an exchange turns out to be insolvent, and the investors are left in the dark.

Any game using blockchain technology will be non-custodial by nature. You play the game using a wallet that only you can access. All the assets you purchase or acquire by playing the game belong to you, and you only. Whenever the game messes up and suddenly goes rogue, you still own your assets.

Open and transparent

The entire concept of cryptocurrencies is new, but blockchain gaming is even newer. Learning from the mistakes that happened before, the standard of blockchain gaming became open and transparent. Gamers not only play the game, they have an actual voice in the development of the game, and are able to track its progress in real-time.

On top of that, the entire ecosystem is designed in a way where you can track what’s happening underneath the surface. Want to see what kind of revenue the game is making? Curious about the funds available for prizes, or wondering what the best players are earning? The blockchain is open for everyone to come in and verify at any given moment.

Thinking in solutions

We’ve been passionate about building games for years, and have faced roadblocks throughout our journey. Whether that’s a change in business models, devices that are becoming more popular or media frenzies defacing gaming in general, we’ve been through various storms. This has taught us to think in solutions, and always look ahead.

Like any true gamer, we face this challenge with a brave mind, ready to complete this boss level. On to the next chapter of building the future of gaming!

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