HappyLand Guide on PirateVerse Testnet Subnet (Updated)

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PirateVerse Subnet, built on top of Avalanche Network’s existing infrastructure and security, is a decentralized and EVM-compatible blockchain that will empower and serve as the home for not only the game PirateVerse, but also other blockchain-enabled games built by TazoGames and other game studios. 

PirateVerse Subnet is originated with the ambition to integrate GameFi, AMM DEX, Bridge and Blockchain Explorer products which are all developed by us into an all-in-one ecosystem. PirateVerse Subnet is also dedicated in creating the best destination for other projects to launch GameFi as well as other blockchain gaming experiences on Avalanche Network.

Previously launched on Binance Smart Chain, HappyLand, an agriculture farming blockchain game, is now available on PirateVerse Testnet Subnet!

This article will cover all the steps that you need to get started playing HappyLand, therefore getting used to a new gaming blockchain – PirateVerse Subnet.

Step 1: Add PirateVerse Testnet Subnet to Wallet

Network Name: PirateVerseTestnet

RPC: https://rpc-testnet.pirateverse.finance/

Symbol: PVF

ChainID: 56766

Blockchain Explorer: https://scan.pirateverse.finance/

You can find our Subnet on Avalanche’s Explorer here.

Step 2: Get $PVF Testnet Tokens on AVAX Faucet/PirateVerse Faucet

$PVF is the native token of PirateVerse Subnet and will be used for paying gas fees and other network fees.

Besides our own Testnet Faucet, PirateVerse Subnet is now officially supported by Avalanche Faucet, which means users can get $PVF testnet tokens directly from here.

PirateVerse Subnet is now powered by Avalanche.


  • Select PirateVerse Testnet

  • Fill in your wallet address

  • Click “Request 2 PVF”

  • Done. You can view transaction details by clicking on “Transaction ID”


  • Go to https://faucet.pirateverse.finance/

  • Fill in your wallet address that is connected to PirateVerse Testnet

  • Complete the captcha – “I’m not a robot”.

  • Click on “Request 1 PVF”.

Step 3: Create HappyLand Account

Each wallet is connected to a unique account.

  • Go to https://app.happyland.finance/

  • Connect wallet

  • Register a new account on Europe Server

Step 4: Get HappyLand NFTs, HPL and HPW tokens

At this step you will receive Land NFTs, $HPL and $HPW tokens to use on PirateVerse Testnet Subnet.

  • Claim HPL & HPW

  • Confirm transactions 

$HPL – Smart contract address: 0xA88FE972Ff3D0d58864922288a5057de9e812B3A

$HPW – Smart contract address: 0x618b08dF5473A26D0192847bFdD1483F2A7d4912

Now you have owned Land NFTs, 1000 $HPL and 10000 $HPW on PirateVerse Testnet Subnet.

Step 5: Synchronize & Approve

Lands and Tokens need to be synchronized and approved to use in-game.

  • Go to Lands, Click on Synchronize

  • Go to Wallet, Click on Synchronize to approve HPL & HPW tokens

  • Confirm transactions.

  • All done!

Step 6: Play!

  • Go to https://pvfsubnetplay.happyland.finance/

  • Login with your account.

  • Choose server EU (Europe)

  • Input Captcha and Login.

  • Enjoy!

Stay tuned for upcoming HappyLand campaign on PirateVerse Subnet!

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