Here Comes Platypus’ Voting Gauge!

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The latest feature on Platypus that will make waves and change your staking experience forever.

We know you’ve waited a long time for this. Today, we’re excited to let you know that the highly anticipated gauge voting is going live on the 6th of September at 930 am UTC! Read until the end to learn more about the latest scoop.

What’s Voting Gauge?

It is a new feature that allows vePTP holders to control where PTP emissions go through the gauges. The PTP emission will be distributed proportionally according to the gauge weights of each pool. So the more votes a pool gets, the larger amount of PTP emission will be allocated to it, thus resulting in a higher APR for the pool.

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What’s So Special About Our Voting Design?

It’s a dynamic emission! No cooldown period between votes, and vePTP holders can modify their votes at any time. Moreover, PTP emissions and gauge weights update in real-time. Whenever the voting ratio changes, the PTP emission will adjust accordingly.

How Can Voting Gauge Benefit Me?

For the tokens listed on Platypus, they all want more PTP emissions to make their pool more attractive to LPs, in order to increase the usage of their own tokens. Therefore, they are willing to provide bribes to attract and secure more votes.

What are Bribes?

Bribes are the additional incentives for voters. They are provided by third-party protocols to attract more votes from vePTP holders. As our platform supports bribes natively, users can look for the bribe incentives from different protocols, vote for different token pools and claim bribes in the same page seamlessly.

How Do I Vote And Claim Bribes?


1. Add a gauge.
vePTP holders can add more than one gauge. You can choose to vote for one or multiple gauges.

2. Adjust your vote weight in percentage.

3. Confirm your vote.

4. You can modify your vote at any time.

Claiming Bribe

You can earned bribe incentives will be automatically claimed on voting

That’s all for the PTParty? Of Course Not!

With the commencement of gauge voting on the platform, more stablecoin and liquid staking token listing will be available on Platypus. Additionally, there will be more participants joining our PTParty. Some upcoming features and developments to look forward to are governance, fee sharing, and more innovative features. Get ready to shake up the ecosystem!

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