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Hoppers Game, in the making for some time now has been highly anticipated by many of us in the Avalanche community.

Finally, the day has arrived that you will be able to own your own hopper and go on an adventure to start earning $FLY. That’s right, today is the official mint for Hoppers Game and the fun will begin in just a few short hours.

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Hoppers Game Mint


March 11, 2022 1:30 PM – 1.2 AVAX


March 11, 2022, 2:00 PM – 1.75 AVAX

Rocket Joe

Hoppers Game utilized Rocket Joe and have already amassed a more than healthy LP and will launch the $FLY token immediately upon launch of the game. The Rocket Joe LP has received over 4,500 $AVAX in anticipation of the upcoming game and NFT Mint. These measures were also taken by the Hoppers Team to provide their community with a safe launch and price discovery experience.

  • No Investors have FLY to unload at Launch
  • Any Team or APA Allocation is linear vested
  • Trader Joe will have A Double Rewards Farm for LP holders after the game starts!

Rocket Joe deposits are still possible until 2 PM EST Today via Trader JOE


$FLY –0x78Ea3fef1c1f07348199Bf44f45b803b9B0Dbe28

Hoppers Game

Finding their roots with APAs it should come as no surprise the team behind Hoppers Game are bringing some exciting things to the table.

Hoppers Game is a brand new play-to-earn NFT game with advanced game mechanics and a brilliant game theory behind it.

Hoppers NFTs
Hoppers NFTs are 10,000 randomly generated unique NFTs with on-chain Attributes that will be used in Hoppers Game.

Hopper NFTs will be sent on Adventures that will yield $FLY rewards based on Attributes, Level, and $veFLY.
$FLY can be:

  • Used to Level up your Hoppers to get more $FLY yields from adventures.
  • Staked to generate $veFLY that further increases $FLY share.
  • Generate a Tadpole
Attributes and Level

When you send your Hopper on an Adventure, your Attributes and Level impact your $FLY rewards.
Every Hopper has 5 Attributes: Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, and Fertility ranging in value from 1 to 10. Attribute values are assigned during the minting; values are fixed and can not be changed by any means.

In addition to the Attributes, each Hopper starts at Level 1. You can Level up Hoppers to a maximum of Level 100 using the $FLY you have earned. The higher a Hoppers’ Level, the more $FLY they yield on Adventures.


There are 7 Adventures divided into 4 Tiers. Most of the Adventures are Attribute and Level dependent. Each Adventures has a Challenge(s)!
The Challenge identifies the Attribute(s) which impact your Hoppers’ ability to yield $FLY. The higher your Hoppers’ Attribute for the relative Challenge, the more $FLY they will yield.

Remember, your Hoppers’ Level also impacts your $FLY yields, too!

The initial design is as follows:

Tier 1 Adventures:
No minimum Level or Attribute requirements, everyone is welcome.

  • Pond: Strength Challenge
  • Stream: Agility Challenge
  • Swamp: Vitality Challenge

Tier 2 Adventure:
For Hopers with a Level of 10 and higher.
Requires a minimum of 5 Strength, and 5 Intelligence

  • River: Intelligence and Strength Challenge

Tier 3 Adventure:
For Hoppers with a Level of 15 and higher.
Requires a minimum of 5 Strength, 5 Agility, and 5 Intelligence.

  • Forest: Challenges Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.

Tier 4 Adventure:
For Hopers with a Level of 20 and higher.
Requires a minimum of 5 Agility, 5 Vitality, 5 Intelligence, and 5 Strength.

Great Lake: Challenges Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, and Strength.

There is a fixed $FLY allocation for each adventure that will be fought over by all the Hoppers taking part in it. The higher your level is, and the Attributes corresponding to the Challenges are, the larger share of the $FLY pool your Hoppers are rewarded.

Game Flow

When you mint a Hopper, it’s like rolling the dice. Hoppers are assigned a range from 1 to 10 of stats for each of their 5 Attributes. Each Attribute receives a stat ranging from 1 to 10. 1 being the weakest, and 10 the strongest. The stats are stored on-chain and can not be changed, ever!

Since your Hoppers are at Level 1, they will only have access to Tier 1 Challenges which have 3 Adventures: Pond, Stream, and Swamp. To gain access to Tier 2 Challenges, you need to Level Up to a minimum of 10! $FLY is used to Level-Up and is earned from staking in Tier 1 Challenges, or you can buy $FLY.

Regardless, every time you Level-Up your hopper, $FLY is burned to keep the price in check. There are a few more burning mechanisms, we’ll flow into them as the journey continues. Logically, the cost of Levelling-Up will require more $FLY, as your Hoppers’ are yielding more $FLY on Adventures.

MAX Earning per Level:
To combat Hoppers from getting lazy and just sitting and printing $FLY at any Level, they have to Level Up to get bigger bellies!

Any $FLY you yield after hitting your MAX earnings is burned! It’s simple: You can only earn up to 3 times (3x) the cost required to Level-Up, next.
Example. If you’re on Level 1, and the cost to Level-Up to 2 requires 10 $FLY, you can only yield a MAX of 30 $FLY from Adventures while on Level 1. If you leave your Hoppers on Adventures without Levelling-Up, any additional $FLY earned is burned.

So, you’re on Adventures harvesting $FLY knowing you can earn MAX 3x the cost of Levelling-Up. What to do with your leftover $FLY Stake it of course!

$FLY and $veFLY

$FLY is the game’s native currency which has a 100,000 per day emission. A fixed portion is allocated to each Adventure which is shared by all the Hoppers taking on that Adventure based on their Attributes corresponding to the Challenges, and their Hoppers’ Level.

Lots of idle games allow you to stake the native token to earn rewards, but we haven’t seen any that challenge you to strategically place your yield-bearing assets.

How It Works:

Stake $FLY to get $veFLY
$veFLY is the voting escrow $FLY and works like vePTP and veCRV. You can use it to get a piece from the daily bonus emissions. Expect to see a $FLY war!

There is a bonus $FLY allocation per day that will be distributed to Adventures based on votes cast by $veFLY holders. In short, you can use your $veFLY to vote for an adventure of your choosing to boost its $FLY rewards. The bonus $FLY will be shared by $veFLY voters only.

To give a concrete example, if there are 100 $veFLY in total, and 30 $veFLY is used to vote for the Pond Adventure, 15,000 $FLY (30 % of the bonus 50,000 $FLY) will be allocated to this adventure. This will be distributed among the Pond Voters according to their attributes, level, and $veFLY share.

This means that Attributes and Levels still play an important role when sharing the bonus allocation, but $veFLY is a must. Keep in mind that $veFLY is not transferable and will be lost when you unstake your $FLY. $FLY earned from the Bonus Emission counts toward your Level’s MAX Yield to prevent squatting. But, it does help you Level-Up faster!

When you get to Level 100, you can choose to stay there or be reborn back to Level 1 where you will get a spiffy badge, and +1 stat for all 5 of your Attributes! Creating a truly “infinite” game!

Adventure-Based Breeding:
This is not your typical “Get two NFTs together and make a new NFT” concept. Hoppers with higher Fertility stats will have better luck on the Breeding Adventure than those Hoppers with lower stats. You’ll have to stake your Hopper for 24 hours and burn $FLY to “roll the dice” to see if your Hopper comes back with a Tadpole NFT. Tadpoles will have 5 different rarity levels and you will be able to exchange Tadpoles at a future date for Gen1 Hoppers.

Gaming breeding using on-chain Attribute stats is a unique spin on new generation NFT creation we’re excited to explore for phase II of Hoppers.

Sneak Peaks
Pre-Mint Party – Prizes

Hop into the discord early for the Pre-Mint Party today at 12:30 EST

Website | Discord | Twitter | Medium | Whitepaper


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