How Powerful is your NFT? Let’s Find Out!

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Discover how much your Platypus Hero can help your liquidity mining endeavors.

Hey Platypuses, what’s cracking? Minting is not so far ahead now; let’s talk about calculations. Many of you are real nerds like we are, and today we’re gonna provide you with information to understand the power of your Platypus Hero.


We’ll quickly run over the skills each Platypus Hero can be born with. Each of them is born with one skill, and it can be any of the following:

They’re randomly generated

Your Hero’s performance in terms of liquidity mining is determined by the skill they were born with, as well as their score and class.

To reiterate, all minting is done through on-chain random generation, so everything is at the mercy of the invisible forces. In other words, it’s based on pure luck — no human interventions, no biased robots favoring John, Charles, or Emma.

Here comes the calculations…

As we’ve heard from previous posts, your Platypus Hero can have a score of 6 to 24. If you want to refresh on how these scores are determined, please visit:

For the sake of seeing what’s possible, let’s use the highest score as an example. Let’s imagine your NFT has a score of 24. At the end of this, you’ll see a full table of worked-out figures, which you could use as a reference and not sweat on the math.


Speedo is pretty straightforward as the calculation is literally “=score”. Taking our sample score of 24, it pretty much means that this skill will speed up your vePTP generation by 24%.


Pudgy is also an easy peasy skill to calculate as its formula is “=score”. With a sample score of 24, having a Pudgy skill will raise your vePTP cap by 24%.


The equation gets a little more exciting from here. Using “=score³ x 10”, sample score 24 to the 3rd power is 13,824, times 10 is 138,240.

In this case, your vePTP will increase by 138,240, and your vePTP cap will also increase by 138,240!

One important thing to remember is that once you remove a Platypus Hero from your account (like to sell), the power stops. Since Gifted is a one-time increase in your vePTP and vePTP cap, the amount you gained through this NFT will be the exact amount stripped from your account once you remove it.


Diligent has a formula of “=score⁴/1000” in the nearest integer. Sample score 24 to the 4th power is 331,776, divided by 1000 is 331.776. Rounding down to the nearest integer, you get 331.

Imagine, your vePTP will increase by 331 DAILY! How awesome is that?

Okay, the caveat… This fantastic skill will only increase your vePTP, not your vePTP cap. Since this skill is subject to the cap, it will not keep producing vePTP if your own cap is reached.


Hibernate might look quite simple, but there’s more than meets the eye. With the equation “=score x 4”, the sample score 24 times 4 is 96.

Since this skill is subject to cap, the power of hibernate is very much tied to how many PTP you are unstaking. Once you unstake, your cap drops along with it. We’ll need a little case study to illustrate this one:

John Smith has a current vePTP of 1,000. If John chooses to unstake half of his PTP, his current vePTP will decrease from 1,000 to 500.

Hibernate has the power to retain 96% of his vePTP upon unstaking. The unstaked vePTP, in this case, is 500. It means John can keep 480 vePTP despite unstaking!

Calculation Table for all NFT scores and skills

Alrightie, that’s all for today. We hope you get an NFT that perfectly suits your needs and goals. ’Til next time!

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