How to Get Whitelisted for a Forking License

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Platypus is granting forking licenses to promote a healthy DeFi ecosystem and benefit vePTP holders.

In the beginning, we had the choice of keeping our codes to ourselves or making it open to the public. Being open-source essentially means anyone can use the Platypus code for themselves. We boldly went for the latter, as we aim to encourage talented teams worldwide to contribute value to the thriving DeFi ecosystem.

Platypus is an innovative project known for its unprecedented concepts and algorithm. We have received countless inquiries from spirited teams about using our codes. Inevitably, it has also encouraged bad actors to plagiarize and use our codes for malicious purposes. We do not stand for deceptive activities that destroy users’ confidence in decentralized finance. To ensure that our codes are being used for good, we will be implementing a process where projects will be vetted if they want access to our codes.

We have the best interest of our community in mind in everything we do. This new implementation will not only contribute to the growth of DeFi but will also be beneficial to vePTP holders through airdrops and the likes.

How to Get Licensed?

Many ask about how to get whitelisted for a fork license. Here we are listing out what your team needs to do or have to be eligible for consideration:

  • The team must doxx to the Platypus Team.
  • The team must show proof of relevant experience, sufficient development team size, and expertise.
  • All contracts should be submitted for review before deploying for production.
  • A timelock of 48 hours is required on all upgradeable contracts.
  • A certain amount of token airdrop must be granted to vePTP holders.

Risk Notice to our Community

We grant forking licenses to teams with promising visions. However, a license grant is not a partnership or incorporation. We have no control over the project’s treasury and management, and therefore we are not responsible for any bugs, exploits, or malicious intents of the projects.


For interested parties, please contact Mr. Otterfoot through Telegram:

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