How we are using artificial intelligence in building Trial Xtreme Freedom

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With the rise of new technologies like artificial intelligence, game development will never be the same. Having used various algorithms and machine learning methods for years, we’ve recently added a wide range of new AI tools to our tech-stack to speed up development and broaden our capabilities.

Join us as we share how we are currently using AI in building Trial Xtreme Freedom

Additional development power

Fortunately, with an incredible team that’s used to working together, development has been progressing in the fast-paced manner that we’re used to. However, something that’s different than when we first started building games close to two decades ago is the way we structure our development work.

Whereas we previously would occasionally create specific working groups that focus on their expertise to, for example, creating a game trailer, concept art or marketing materials. These were all humans though. Nowadays, we’re working with a new friend we’ve made along the way called artificial intelligence.

In no specific order we would love to show you in what ways we are currently using artificial intelligence in the development of our latest game. It’s incredible to realize how much we can get done in a short amount of time, and the new abilities it unlocks.

Neural networks

Inspired by the function of the human brain, neural networks are a type of machine learning model used in a wide range of applications. Similar to the brain, these models require training to improve their capabilities for certain tasks. In our case, we’ve implemented neural networks in various ways.

Anti cheating measures

Ruining the fun for everyone in the game, cheaters should be stopped. To ensure we find anything that’s suspicious and out of the ordinary, we run various neural networks. Without revealing all of our tricks, we would like to provide an example.

We verify whether the physical characteristics of a bike are in sync with those of the player. Meaning, we measure the weight, maximum speed, engine power, player skill among other indicators of the player’s bike and run a comparison to the physical characteristics of that specific bike. Any discrepancies in these test results may indicate a player is manipulating the game.


Racing wouldn’t be fun without a proper challenge. To find the right candidate for every single race, we make use of various neural networks. Analyzing a player’s skill level, playing style and various other factors we are able to create a unique profile for every single player.

Constantly running these analyses and adjusting the player’s profiles, we’re able to find the right player every time you join a new race. This way, you’re playing against different styles of racers and different skill levels. The goal here is to create a game that’s fair, challenging and enjoyable.

NPC — Non Player Characters

In Trial Xtreme Freedom we will have a festival zone. This place functions as the hub where you can meet other players and navigate throughout the game. In this zone, you will also meet various characters that you can interact with. These NPCs or Non Player Characters are trained using neural networks.

We’ve instructed the neural networks to learn from the behavior of the players. Observing and analyzing the players’ interactions, we are able to train the NPCs in their behavior and become more realistic and engaging towards the players.

Content creation

Neural networks have been part of our tech-stack for quite some time now. It’s gotten to the point where we know what the options are, and we seamlessly implement it into our new games. With the jump AI development has made lately however, we now have some new tools to assist us in our work and accomplish much more in less time.


concept image generated with Midjourney

The tool that’s responsible for various viral imagery ranging from the Pope in his fancy new jacket, to the arrest of old politicians. Using nothing but a string of text, Midjourney is capable of creating images in all kinds of styles and scenes. The process that used to take an artist hours, sometimes even days, is now completed within a couple of seconds.

We are currently using Midjourney for the generation of concepts and references. The tool functions as our creative sparring partner. Our creative team is capable of creating a wide variety of concepts and ideas quickly to assist them in their decision making process. In practice, Midjourney helped us to generate 2D images such as tournament and level icons, but also graphics on social media.


The tool that took the world by storm and truly brought the eyeballs to the wonders of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a language model that uses AI to generate text-based responses to user inputs. The opportunities are limitless as it’s not only able to create compelling content, but also deliver code.

To this date, we’ve used ChatGPT for the generation of activation codes, code samples for game design, game mechanics and creating dialogue and narrative elements. This helps speed up the development process tremendously and reduces the workload on our developers.

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