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Avalaunch‘s recent IDO, HurricaneSwap, is now live. Touting themselves as a cross-chain liquidity DEX. Though, arguably not the first.

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The UI is beautiful. A sheer masterpiece when compared with others in the ecosystem.

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The farms are pumping out some serious APRs. With HCT single staking included.

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HCT Farms

With APRs as high as 2.2K%, these are no doubt ripe for the taking.


The native token, HCT, is Hurricane’s rewards and governance token. Here are some important metrics to educate yourself on.

  • Total supply: $2b
  • Current price: $0.24~
  • Diluted marketcap: $480m~
  • Circulating supply: 800m~ HCT* from Avascan
  • Market cap: $192m~

Now, the circulating supply could be off. But that’s what it is, according to Avascan. Which, in my mind feels a little overpriced.

image 7
HCT supply from Avascan.
image 8

More on this point. It’s likely that the top 5 wallets are reserves held for farming, marketing, etc. Which, if removed, would put the estimated supply at around 100M HCT.

An estimated circulating supply of 100M HCT would set marketcap at around $24m. Which, still feels a little high. Especially factoring the sub $8m TVL.


The pairs are fairly sparse at present. No doubt they’ll grow with time.

image 5

For now, you’ve access to 8 Avalanche pairs. Take a moment to appreciate the design work.


In tune with their chain-liquidity DEX statement. HCT is also operating a bridge.

They charge 0.2% on transfer fees. A marginal amount for smaller transfers. Though, not quite comparable with the likes of Elk Finance. Who offer near-free transfers.


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