IME Apollo Season 6 Begins: Embrace the Epic Guild Wars

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Guild Wars Incoming

Hey Apollo players! Brace yourselves for IME Apollo Season 6, as we bring thrilling updates and epic guild wars your way!

Season 5 Finale

Apollo Season 5 concludes on May 3, 2023, at 04:00 UTC. Please note that Apollo will enter maintenance mode immediately after the season ends to deploy patch 1.4. We’ll announce the game’s resumption on our Discord channel. Season 6 will kick off right after the maintenance.

Don’t forget that your ORES and REFINED MATERIALS will be NULLIFIED. Refine and trade your remaining resources for SILVER CREDIT, which will be exchanged for L-IMC based on your holdings at the season’s end.

USDC Reward Distribution

Each player’s USDC rewards will be calculated based on their Silver Credit holdings at the end of the season (including Silver Credit from ship storage and hangar storage), weighted by the total number of Silver Credits held by all players. USDC rewards will be accessible in the claim portal at after the maintenance period.

Claim Portal Tutorial

Visit this link:


Season 6 Excitement

Season 6 introduces significant updates to the game, featuring multiple big changes. This patch primarily focuses on:

???? Guild system

???? Guild upgrades

???? Guild war

???? Seasonal guild tournament

???? Free-to-play enabled

???? Visual upgrades

In anticipation of the kick-off of season 6, we will be releasing a series of articles detailing the exciting updates that are on the way. Stay informed and be the first to know about all the upcoming changes to our game! Get ready to join forces, upgrade, and wage epic battles in IME Apollo Season 6!


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