Imperium Empires Unveils the New Guild System

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Guilds have long been the lifeblood of gaming — the camaraderie and shared ambition of like-minded players striving towards common goals elevates the excitement and anticipation of any game. In keeping with this tradition, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to the Imperium Metaverse: the Guild System, the ultimate society in the Imperium universe!

Featuring powerful functionalities such as search and seasonal performance tracking, the Guild System is designed to enhance your gameplay experience like never before. Get ready to forge alliances, compete fiercely, and take your place in the elite ranks of the Imperium Metaverse with the all-new Guild System!


In Imperium Empires, a guild is a collective of players who come together to share guild upgrade benefits, participate in seasonal guild tournaments, and enjoy a social environment while playing the game.

Guild Leader

The player who establishes the guild automatically assumes the role of the guild leader. Guild leaders hold various responsibilities and permissions, including:

  • Changing the guild’s status
  • Removing members from the guild
  • Deciding on guild upgrades
  • Initiating guild wars
  • Representing the guild to receive seasonal tournament rewards

Please note that the guild leader role cannot be transferred to other guild members. If the guild leader leaves the guild, it becomes leaderless and will no longer be able to engage in wars or implement upgrades.

Create Guild as a Guild Leader

Players are free to create a new guild and take on the role of a guild leader. More details about guilds are provided below:

  • Guild Name: The name of the guild, which cannot be altered once the guild is established.
  • Guild Member Limit: The maximum number of members allowed in the guild.
  • Status: Public or Private. Public status allows any player to join the guild through the guild page, while private status restricts membership to those with an invite link.
  • Guild Logo: Choose a logo for the guild. This logo will also be displayed on the Apollo map when the guild controls a zector.
  • Score: The guild’s current score in the ongoing season’s guild seasonal tournament.
  • Zector Conquered: The number of zectors currently under the guild’s control.

Keep in mind that only the guild leader can modify guild details, change guild status, and remove members from the guild.

Guild Member

Guild members have the freedom to leave a guild at any time. However, they will be unable to join or create a new guild for 24 hours after leaving. Guild members enjoy the benefits of guild upgrades and can donate resources to the guild. The guild leader is responsible for utilizing these resources to unlock and improve upgrades. Remember that guild upgrade benefits are only active while you remain a member of the guild.

Joining a Guild as a Guild Member

Players can search and join existing guilds as guild members. Before joining a guild, players can view each guild’s member list, current and past season performances, and guild upgrades.

Guild Upgrade System

A guild upgrade is a system where players collaborate to improve their guild by pooling resources. All guild members can contribute resources to the guild. Once enough resources are accumulated, the guild leader can allocate these resources to upgrade any available feature. The guild leader can also set a target upgrade for all members to focus on, and change this focus as needed.

Guild upgrades enhance the stats and abilities of all guild members, with effects lasting as long as you remain a member of the guild. Guild upgrades reset every season, so be sure to maximize your guild’s benefits before the season concludes.

Types of Upgrade

There are seven types of guild upgrades, each with its prerequisites and required resources. Some upgrade effects are only applicable to activities within guild-owned zectors.

1 — Star Base Upgrade

Star Base Upgrade enhances the safety of all guild members’ fleets in guild-owned zectors. The chances of fleets getting damaged in guild-owned zectors are reduced.

Prerequisites: None

2 — Weapon Upgrade

Weapon Upgrade increases the power of all equipped weapon gear.

Prerequisites: Star Base Lv3

3 — Shield Upgrade

Shield Upgrade increases the power of all equipped shield gear.

Prerequisites: Weapon Lv3

4 — Support Upgrade

Support Upgrade boosts the power of all equipped support gear.

Prerequisites: Weapon Lv3

5 — Mining Upgrade

Mining Upgrade enhances the power of all equipped mining gear.

Prerequisites: Weapon Lv3

6 — Trade House Upgrade

Trade House Upgrade increases the percentage of silver credit received from trading in guild-owned zectors.

Prerequisites: Support Lv3

7 — Shipyard Upgrade

Shipyard Upgrade improves the power of all ships.

Prerequisites: Mining Lv3

Guild War

Guild War is a new game feature going to be introduced in Apollo Season 6.

Guild Wars consist of multiple parts.

1 — Declaring a War

A guild can conquer (control) a zector by winning a guild war. Only guild leaders can declare a guild war on a zector. There is no geographical limit on declaring war on any zector. Declaring war consumes 1 action point, with a maximum of 1 action point per guild/guild leader, refreshing every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.

2 — War Battle

A guild war resolves in 12 hours. To participate in any war event, players must send fleets to the designated zector. During these 12 hours, any player with a fleet in that zector can participate in the war. Fleets are considered as participating in an event and remain in the war zector until the war ends. Players can choose to be an attacker or defender, with their fleet’s total ship power added to the corresponding side.

3 — End of Battle

At the end of a guild war (i.e., after 12 hours), the side with higher power wins. All ships from the losing side suffer damage (losing all cargos and requiring repairs). In the case of a tie, the defender wins. The winning guild gains 25 points for the guild seasonal tournament.

4 — Protection Mechanism

After the battle concludes, regardless of the outcome, the zector becomes protected for 24 hours. No one can declare wars on a protected zector.

Seasonal Guild Tournament

Launching in Season 6, the seasonal guild tournament rewards guilds based on their performance in guild wars throughout the season. Guilds accumulate points by winning guild wars and controlling more zectors. Ascend the leaderboard with your guildmates for greater rewards!


Winning guild wars: The winning guild of a guild war gains 25 points.

Conquer zectors: Conquering a zector until the season’s end earns 100 points.

You can check the leaderboard for each guild’s ranking and current scoring.


Tournament rewards are distributed at the end of the season. The top 3 guilds receive rewards, which guild leaders can claim through the claiming portal.


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