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Snowball is a popular DeFi application. It runs on Avalanche. Compound’s users holdings. Launches new tokens through IDOs. And, has a hugely anticipated frontend upgrade coming.

Before we dive into the juicy fruity, …

The snowball teaser

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The updates were teased in Snowball’s latest Tweet. And they got me pretty excited.

Snowball DeFi’s updated interface teaser.

But, with that being said. And shown…


Show me now!!!

From the video, we can pull the following things.

Snowball dashboard.

Completely reworked.

image 77

Loving the updates here. And much more in theme with “snow”.

  1. Clean,
  2. Intuitive,
  3. Feature-rich.

StableVaults. (and swaps?)

StableVaults are stablecoin yield farms. They take in stablecoins and pay interest in SNOB–snowball’s native currency.

image 69
Snowball s3D vaults.

Interestingly, there are also multiasset vaults. With more than two stablecoins. Check these teasers from the dashboard.

image 73
image 75
Tether, BUSD, DAI.

Swaps? Interesting…

A little alpha leak for you there. Perhaps Snowball is taking some strides towards becoming a DeX? Or at least opening more Defi-based avenues? In which case: they’re moving a few steps ahead of the game …

Compared with many of the other DeXs in the Avalanche ecosystem. These leaks look like they could be looking to take hold of a few interesting areas.

I didn’t notice this at first. But …

This sneaky thing… is perhaps a sign of things to come?

image 70
BUSD is Binance’s native stablecoin.

We can only speculate for now. But, while we wait, let’s earn some more SNOB.

Snowball Staking.

They have updated the user interface for Snowball’s fixed staking. This layout is much more intuitive. Simple to lock your SNOB. Easy to switch to voting and allocating your assets too.

image 76

For the non-SNOBers: Snowball operates a fixed staking pool. You lock SNOB, for a fixed period. In return, you get xSNOB, which will be exchangeable for more SNOB at a later date.

But, if you’re not a “fixed staking” person, there are other lucrative lanes.

Snowball Compounder.

Snowball’s “Snow Globes”, where you can compound your LP tokens will still be available. But, with a nicer interface!

image 71
Snowball compounder.

Snowball’s compounder will be in direct competition with the likes of Yield Yak, Penguin, Lydia, and Cycle. But …

With a solid, holistic interface for all things Defi, snowball could have a shot at the top once again.

Wouldn’t that be a pretty picture for SNOB holders?

Snowball NFT marketplace.

Snowball’s NFTs will have a new place to reside. But the term “marketplace,” could spell some more interesting things to come.

image 72
Snowball NFT marketplace.

This is speculation: could there be a future where you can buy and sell NFTs through Snowball too? Who knows. It’s yet to be confirmed.

One thing is for sure, though. You will be able to cop Snowball NFTs. The rolling Sasquatchs, Snowglobes; if you haven’t already got one, consider it.

Snowball Avaware NFT

Avaware recently dropped a Snowball NFT too.

Sam the sasquatch.

They’re limited, and almost out. Check them out here:

Snowball CEX listing

I almost forgot.

image 78

Soon, my friends. Soon.

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