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Be part of the development that revolutionizes the way users earn returns on Platypus.

Platypus is relentless in innovating within the DeFi space. Known for our unprecedented concepts and algorithm, we have been providing users with a platform to swap and generate returns without the issues of current stableswaps in the market.

Along with the launch of Platopia, the GameFi edition of Platypus, we’re rolling out yield generating NFTs simultaneously. Utility NFTs can be integrated to users’ account to improve yield boosting efficiency. Minting will start in May and is limited to only 10,000 NFTs.How exactly does a Platypus NFT work?

Current users of Platypus already know that voted escrow PTP (vePTP) is a token that increases liquidity providers’ returns to a voluminous APR that reaches up to the hundreds. NFTs are Platypus Heroes that help in the generation of vePTP, in its retention, or other beneficial perks.

Each Platypus Hero is minted with randomly generated attributes. These attributes equal a score that determines the class of your NFT. They are also born with one skill. These skills, along with the score, influence yield-boosting capabilities.

Platypus Hero skills:

  • Speedo: Speeds up vePTP generation in %
  • Pudgy: Increases vePTP cap in %
  • Gifted: Increases your vePTP and vePTP cap by a fixed amount
  • Diligent: Increases vePTP generation by a fixed amount (subject to cap)
  • Hibernate: Retains a portion of vePTP upon unstaking (subject to cap)

Users can possess more than one NFT; however, each account can only be equipped with one for yield boosting. Having a Platypus NFT also brings other privileges such as an exclusive Discord channel and access to alpha leaks for Platypus’ big updates and announcements.

Launch Overview

NFT Minting will be available to the public soon after the Priority Sale. The official launch will be in May. Further updates on the specific date will be announced on our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Platopia and Platypus NFT here.

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