Introducing Pelicouter— Imperium Empires Spaceship NFTs #5

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Pelicouter is a suitable vessel for carrying and delivering cargos within and among galaxies. With its heavy hexagon design, equipped with ventilation units, Pelicouter has a platinum-coated body. It is a perfect mix of beauty and progressive spaceflight technology.

Its spacious design allows a vast capacity that can be employed in carrying bulk cargos. However, the cargo-carrying section is misfit for humans so it is solely limited to deliveries. Its speed is slow while carrying heavy cargo but it is equipped with high-velocity nitro boosters which may be employed to make delivery quicker than usual.

Pelicouter in-game

The ship is accoutred with mining tools which further allow it to perform as a mining ship when needed. Moreover, Pelicouters come with 1 support module which can help alter the ship according to the requirements of the mission. The hexagonal ship morphs into a sleek aerodynamic body which, along with activated boosters, is one of the fastest variations of a ship. The flexible module also helps with the fortification of the ship. In combat, the aerodynamic variation of the ship can defend itself with adept tactics.

In addition to this, Pelicouter is kitted out with one of the most robust engines of the spacecraft technology which comes in handy while making a bulk delivery. Amongst its peers, Pelicouter is one of a kind. With its adaptable nature, it is way ahead of its time.

Details of Pelicouter

Rarity: Ultra Rare
Class: Carrier
Size Class: 2
Length: 620

Health: Level 3
Speed: Level 8
Turn Rate: Level 7
Cargo Capacity: Level 6
Base Power: 400

Gear Slots
-I — Weapon x1
-I — Shield x1
-I — Support x1
-I — Mining x1
-I — Any x1

Possible Skills

Nuclear Boost, Missile Overload, Team Overload, Laser Overload, Backup Battery

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