Just in: Sherpa x Teddy privacy talks

Published by AVAX on

By now you should be well acquainted with both Sherpa and Teddy. The privacy protocol and the lending protocol.

Well, we’ve news for you.

Sherpa will be integrating Teddy’s TSD stable coin. Adding to the use case of both dApps. What this means…

You’ll be able to transact TSD privately. Using Sherpa as a middleman. Then you’ll be able to retrieve your TSD on another account.

Sherpa issues a promissory note, after depositing funds in the protocol. The transaction is untraceable. Made possible through some ZK-wizardry. Then, you can withdraw from Sherpa at a later date, or another different account.

Right now, they only support AVAX private transfers, but soon, you’ll be graced with newer features. TSD’s integration is one of them.


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