Kalao — Your NFT ecosystem

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Kalao — Your NFT ecosystem

A Product Suite for digital and virtual worlds

With the recent launch of the V2 of our marketplace, we want to give you an overview of all the products Kalao is building to drive the immersive experiences of the future at the intersection of NFTs, VR and the Metaverse.

Kalao Marketplace V2

Kalao V2 is the newest iteration of our NFT marketplace featuring:

  • Intuitive UX which closely resembles the e-commerce experiences you are already familiar with, including an add-to-cart feature, a quicker checkout workflow, and credit card integration.
  • Advanced analytics so you can identify trending collections easily
  • New features to improve NFT liquidity (Collections offers, trait bidding)
  • We will continue pushing features that make creating and trading NFTs easier, cheaper and more liquid.

Kalao Go

Kalao Go is our NFT launchpad for artists and projects to get their NFTs into the hands of the community. We provide you with the necessary code (smart contracts, minting page), co-marketing and advisory.

As part of our v2, we also announced new auction formats, starting with Dutch auctions.

Kalao Go is free of charge, no upfront fee, no performance fee.

Kalao Vision

Kalao Vision allows you to showcase your NFTs in your own personalized VR gallery. Other users can take a virtual tour and make offers directly in-app.

The next step from Kalao Vision is the Kalao Citadel.

Kalao Citadel

The Citadel is Kalao’s Metaverse platform — a place for you to meet other players, chat via text and voice, explore NFT galleries and interact with your favorite Avalanche protocols. It’s the perfect location to have community (or private) events, showcase NFTs or to just socialize with others.

The Kalao Citadel will grow gradually — more locations, social activities and economic features are being actively worked on. For example, you will be able to play minigames with and against other players or own land where you profit from the economic activity taking place.

The first version of the Kalao Citadel is ready, with a first wave of beta testers using it and providing valuable feedback. For the full release, we are currently waiting for better market conditions. The Metaverse experience depends on an active community so that interactions can take place and friendships can be built. Without it, the Citadel can’t showcase its complete value. In the meantime, we are working on further improvements which go beyond what was initially planned.


With our products, we aim to provide the best platforms to the users and builders of the new virtual economy. Kalao is an NFT ecosystem including an NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad and VR Metaverse space.

At the center of all of this are our three guiding principles

  • Product focus: Delivering state-of-the-art user experiences
  • Community first: We believe a motivated community is a major competitive advantage in web3, where user stickiness and switching costs are usually low.
  • Decentralized: You get to own your assets in the metaverse. Why is this important? Read our article!


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