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When creating or purchasing NFTs, users are often faced with issues such as how to determine “fair” pricing, and distribution as well as attempt to find ways to lessen the risk of speculators trying to snipe the drop and then resell on the secondary market.

Kalao has introduced Dutch auctions to help solve this. They allow for better price discovery and help to prevent gas wars.

NFT creators launching on Kalao Go are now able to utilize Dutch auctions for their NFT drops, providing them with more options on how to distribute their NFTs.

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What is Kalao Go

Kalao Go is an NFT launchpad that makes releasing your NFT collection easy for you and your community.

We support you from start to finish

  • Battle-tested minting smart contracts
  • Customizable minting page
  • Co-marketing
  • Advisory & support, whether NFT pricing, sales mechanics, marketing or something else
  • It’s free
  • No upfront fee
  • No performance fee

Want to launch your NFT project? Contact Kalao via Telegram.

Dutch auctions

Kalao has already helped dozens of creators successfully launch their projects using their Kalao Go service.

The next step is to offer artists more choices for how to distribute their NFTs on the primary market. So far, creators were able to sell NFTs at a fixed price on a first come first served basis, with an optional whitelist, or sell NFTs to the highest bidders. Now we’re launching Dutch auctions. Dutch auctions start at a high price, which then slowly decreases over time.

The price development is determined beforehand as the creator sets:

a) a starting price
b) a price decrease by amount x every y minutes
c) a reserve price

Pricing in a Dutch auction over time

Creators can also add an optional reimbursement module. If activated, buyers will get back the difference between the price they paid and the closing price (the lowest price). As a result, all buyers pay the same, fair price.

Dutch auctions, if designed well, prevent gas wars and enable price discovery where creators rather than speculators capture buyers’ “willingness to pay”.

With the addition of dutch auctions and fixed price offerings, there’s a good chance you’ll find the right fit on Kalao Go. Whichever method you choose, they aim to help your NFT project get started on the right foot.

About Kalao

Kalao is an NFT and Metaverse ecosystem built on Avalanche. Their product suite includes an NFT marketplace, an NFT launchpad (Kalao Go), a white-label NFT marketplace engine (for example for in-app marketplaces in blockchain games), and a Metaverse experience on PC and in VR (Kalao Vision, Kalao Citadel).

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