Kalao: KLO Tokenomics revamp

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Kalao is an NFT ecosystem, leveraging a cost-effective and easy-to-use marketplace, powered by Avalanche blockchain technology. Kalao has been host to an increasing number of successful NFT launches and continues to provide great utility in the avalanche space.

They’ve recently announced some quite promising changes that will give back to the community that supports them.

  • Kalao will introduce a DAO model, where KLO stakers vote on important decisions in the Kalao ecosystem. To further empower the DAO, 75% of collected fees will be sent to the DAO treasury. This gives the DAO more resources to work with and allows it to have a strong impact on the future of Kalao.
  • The goal is to grow the community by offering an attractive, community-first NFT marketplace. A strong, motivated community benefits all participants by pushing the Kalao ecosystem forward via user adoption, user-generated content, feedback, governance, marketing and all the other ways the community has added value so far. We believe that investing in the community is a competitive advantage.


  • Starting from March 1, 75% of revenues will be used to fund the DAO treasury. This is 3x of the current reward sharing of 25%.
  • On March 1, our governance proposal to distribute DAO collected fees to KLO stakers will go live. The vote will be open for 7 days until March 8. The DAO will vote on the proposal. If the vote is successful, the change will become active on March 15.
  • If the proposal passes, KLO stakers will receive WAVAX rewards from trading fees on the Kalao NFT marketplace, on top of the KLO rewards they are already earning.


“Kalao is committed to distributing rewards and incentives to the community. We want the metaverse to be a place for everyone. Since we are moving more and more towards digital worlds, “digital life” increasingly just means “life”. People will be spending a lot of time in the metaverse, so providing a neutral, equal playing field for everyone is essential. We are convinced that the best way of achieving this is by giving everyone a voice — hence the DAO model.”


KLO allows investors to have broad exposure to NFTs on Avalanche, diversified across NFT collections. An increase in user interest means higher trading volumes, which results in more fees and translates into higher rewards for KLO stakers.

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