Kassandra, a new decentralised fund manager, launches Super Farm on Pangolin

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Just a couple of days ago Pangolin announced their new ‘Super Farm’, a new evolution for Pangolin’s farming started in January that allows to generate a high yield received in different tokens. Receiving two or more tokens at the same time allows you to both increase the final APR and promote new tokens, as usually you would only receive the token of the corresponding DeX, in this case $PNG. The new Super Farm is destined for the innovative and undervalued fund manager Kassandra.

Kassandra is a DAO that is dedicated to fund management, something like a decentralised, non-custodial ETF. The big attraction of Kassandra is its $aHYPE token (not to be confused with its native token, which is $KACY), which represents a portion of the total amount of the strategy the DAO is running. Kassandra uses the ‘Social Index’ to manage a portfolio containing the tokens of the Avalanche ecosystem with the most social relevance in the last 30 days. In other words, depending on the media hype of the last month, a series of tokens will be chosen and the % that make up the portfolio with the intention of maximising results through complex investment strategies. The total amount of the portfolio will decide the price of the $aHYPE token and the amount of tokens will reflect your share of the total. In addition, you can stake the token on their platform to generate $KACY, or autocompound it on YieldYak and increase your $aHYPE.

As it is a decentralised platform, important decisions such as the management of the strategies to be followed or the investment percentages will be carried out through a governance system, hence the importance of its native $KACY token. The token was launched last January through Penguin Finance’s Launchpad and had a good initial performance, although logically it was truncated by the recent state of the market. It is a project that is highly undervalued, as well as its token, as can be seen in its small market capital, so it is a good opportunity to try it out and invest in Avalanche blue-chip in a simple and self-managed way. As we know, there are many projects being launched lately in Avalanche, so it is easy for some of them to go unnoticed among the masses. Don’t miss it!

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