Knives Legacy: Whitepaper released

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Knives Legacy is a Play-to-earn, mission-based, equipments-collectibles (NFTs) browser game built on the Avalanche network. The project boasts innovative mechanics, a quality dAPP, and of course, the NFTs. The Knives Legacy team has a very ambitious vision and is focused on its community.

As of February 12th, the official whitepaper for Knives Legacy has been released and is available at

This whitepaper provides in-depth information on just how Knives Legacy works as well as breaks down the detailed roadmap. Beyond this, you can also learn about in-game statistics, the Lore of Knives Legacy, and check out the FAQ.

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You will be able to stake your knives and produce locked LGCY, you will earn 115 locked $LGCY per day for each knife you have staked.

1 Stake

Various equipment will be available to earn for your soldier via missions, equipment may be upgraded by burning NFTs to increase an item’s level and your score.

3 Inventory

Missions will be the key to unlocking the $LGCY acquired from staking, the better equipped your soldier is the more $LGCY you’ll be able to unlock.

4 Headquarters

Once you have un-locked $LGCY, you’ll be able to take advantage of some very interesting rates via a farm LP.

5 Barracks

To check out all the details of the whitepaper head over to

Minting is Open at

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