Lost Worlds Community Update — Feb 2022 (Launch Announcement!)

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Lost Worlds Community Update — Feb 2022 (Launch Announcement!)

After months of hard work, Lost Worlds is excited to announce we’re going live next month, March 2022, ahead of the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona!

Here is the TLDR of announcements and what to look out for from the Lost Worlds team.

  • Official launch in March 2022
  • White-paper release
  • Portals & Continents projects NFT drops
  • IDO with Avalaunch
  • Lost Worlds token, tokenomics & platform utility
  • Avalanche Summit Announcement

First, a Look Back

Whether you’ve been following us from the beginning or you’re learning about us for the first time, here is a recap of who we are and where we are coming from:

Lost Worlds bridges the real world and Metaverse with the introduction of location-based “geo” NFTs. The many use cases of “geo” NFTs will create new forms of utility and scarcity for the digital asset industry.

The Lost Worlds team set out on this journey in late-spring 2021, in that time we’ve been building behind the scenes with little marketing and community development, hitting a number of development and proof on concept milestones including:

  • Deploying an IRL testnet at NFT NYC
  • Deploying our Beta on main-net at DCentral Miami in partnership with the Pangolin Dex
  • On going tests with members of our discord community (shoutouts to @theLostOnes)

In that time we spent a lot of time really trying to communicate the overall value proposition and road map of Lost Worlds.

You can view our white-paper here to go deeper into the details of what we’ve built, including our mission, technical explainers, and roadmap.

Great, so on to the rest of the announcements

Lost Worlds & Portals Going Live in March

The Lost Worlds app will be officially released in March with a number of projects and events for all users to enjoy. The exact dates will be announced soon so please stay tuned.

To support our launch we will be releasing two projects on the platform to start: the long awaited “Portals NFT” as well as one of our new projects, “Continents”.

NFT Project: Portals

Portals is a rarity-driven, location-based NFT collection game dropping at six historic locations across the globe, those locations include:

  • The Empire State Building
  • The Louvre
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • The Hagia Sophia
  • Gardens By the Bay

You will be able to earn the Lost Worlds token and other special prizes/achievements for minting this project.

For more information about Portals, read here.

Also make sure you follow Portals on Twitter for new location drops and announcements

NFT Project: Continents

Continents allows collectors to mint NFTs based on the continent they are located in. Continent NFTs may also be bought and sold in order for collectors to have them all. Holders of all 7 continents will be given the option to burn them in order to obtain the rare Earth NFT.

For more information about Continents, read here.

IDO with Avalaunch

In our opinion, Avalaunch is a true corner-stone within the Avalanche ecosystem, ensuring quality projects can be supported by the community. We wanted to make sure that the Avalanche community had a chance to be involved in the success of our platform and not just private investors.

We cannot reveal too many details about the IDO at the present time, but stay tuned from either us or Avalaunch as these details unfold.

Introducing “Exploring to Earn” & the LOST Token

At launch, the Lost Worlds token will be an integral part of the Lost Worlds app in terms of utility and our rewards system.

$LOST is the native token of Lost Worlds. It serves as a reward mechanisms for minting, buying/selling and accomplishing tasks. It also primarily serves as a tiered access token to the platform.

LOST Token Utility:

Users will need to stake LOST in order to gain access to locations and mint NFTs. The more you stake the more access to privileges and rewards will be granted including: early access to new projects/project types, greater reward incentives and more.

It’s important to note, that you will also earn rewards just for staking. More utility will be added to the token as we release more features from our roadmap.

[Notice: the LOST token is not live, or on any exchange as of the date of this writing. Do not interact with any contract claiming to be the Lost Worlds token. The official contract will only come from our main channels.]

“Explore to Earn “ — Ways earn LOST rewards

The Lost Worlds token really introduces the concept of Explore to Earn into the NFT landscape, below are some of the reward incentives that will earn you LOST or achievements while minting in the real world.

Minter Rewards:

When you travel to a location and successfully mint an NFT, you will be rewarded in LOST tokens. The amount of rewards per mint can be seen on both the Location Card and Location Landing Page.

Marketplace Rewards

You can also earn LOST tokens whenever anyone successfully buys and sells NFTs on the secondary marketplace.

Minter Dividends

You also earn LOST from every subsequent mint at a location from which you own an NFT. For example, if you own a NYC NFT, you earn a dividend for every subsequent mint from NYC until the location is fully minted.

The earlier you mint, the larger total dividends you can earn. If you trade that NFT before a location reaches full mint, future dividends get passed on to the new NFT holder.

The Mint Dividends tab shows you the NFTs you have active dividend rights to (based on NFTs Minted in your collection)

Minter Royalties:

For some projects, when NFTs are bought and sold on our marketplace original minters are paid a Minter Royalty on the sale, in perpetuity. Meaning you can earn a royalty, even if it has been sold multiple times.

Big PayDay Challenges

A 5th way to earn LOST tokens will be through beating Big PayDay Challenges. For example, collecting a Utopia card is considered a Big PayDay event and you will earn a set amount of LOST token for completing that challenge.

Avalanche Summit

If you’ve been joining the weekly Week in Avalanche Twitter spaces, you might have heard our CEO mention that we will be doing something special for the Avalanche Summit. We will be announcing more details about this shortly, but in short, people attending the Avalanche Summit will be able to have a one of a kind experience during the conference with lots of surprises, such as on-location project airdrops, afterparties and more.

If you’re a native Avalanche project and want to participate in some of the giveaways for the community. Please reach out to us on Twitter or in Discord.

What to Expect Next?

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out more announcements regarding our IDO, Development and the Tokenomics, please note some of what has been shared here, as well in any of our documents, are subject to change prior to launch.

The best ways to stay up to date with us are:

  • Being in our Discord
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Joining us every Wednesday or Thursday for a Twitter Space at 4:45PM EST

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