Maximus IDO, Olympus Dao, and New Elk Chains

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10th Nov is just around the corner. You should know what that means. We’ve been documenting the run-up to Maximus for a while.

Let’s break it down simply:

  • The jist: a new Avalanche yield optimizer from the Lydia team
  • New stuff: Has numerous optimization contracts, maximizers
  • Two sales: basic (capped) and unlimited (uncapped with a fee)
  • Location: Lydia Finance Launchpad

There are numerous forks already. Now we’re getting the real thing!

The cross chain liquidity network is proving itself with a further 2 new additions. Summing over 14 chains usable for super-fast, fee-less, cross-chain transcations.

image 6

Now connecting both Telos and Cronos to Avalanche. Rumour has it, IOTEX is on the way too.

image 7


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